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I live in Henderson, but have been pulled over several times in Las Vegas and Boulder City. I was on my way home from ATV'ing and was doing 40 in a 25. I handed him my CCW and DL. Never asked if i was carrying or to see the weapon, but thanked me for letting them know...No ticket. Got pulled over for a temporary tag that wasn't legible at 5:30am on Las Vegas Blvd. I advised her i was carrying, she said thanks i just couldn't read your tag. I got pulled over in Boulder City pulling the quads because my trailer was in the intersection when the light turned red. He didn't care about the gun, but he did write me a ticket. First one in 15 yrs. I know several people that have been hassled carrying guns in Vegas. One of the responses to the officers questioning about the CCW was "Because its my second amendment right." The other person had their CCW for a while but they thought it was necessary to carry 4 guns on them. If i am not in my underwear, i am carrying and i have never been hassled by Metro here in Vegas. As far as establishments go, no one knows i am carrying. I carry in all the casinos except the Fremont which has signs posted on the door. If i can't carry, they don't get my business. If you are coming to Vegas, just be discrete. You won't have a problem. Iif they ask why you are feel the need to carry a firearm try, "Personal protection for myself or my family." I don't think the "Cuz its my Second Amendment Right" line is a good choice.

I agree with regard to the confrontational nature of the 2A response, especially if you mouth it to a LEO. It often seems to come across as looking to get in the other's face and debate the Constitution. That said, I do usually pop out the line in interpersonal discussions regarding "Why carry?" but even then it is a bit "in your face" as an opening argument. It's down around number 3 or 4 on my list.
I go to your wonderful city from time to time, I also carry in the casinos, soemthing I cannot do in Missouri. Love Las vegas.
I get to your city once in a while, too (like twice a month) since I live in Pahrump.

I don't think people live in Vegas, they just exist there. I couldn't handle the eternal hustle, and I was born and raised in L.A.

Everyone's in a race to get to the next red light, just to wait 5 minutes. People drive like maniacs. The casinos are madness.

Henderson's not so bad. But it's still Vegas. And I hear from friends who live in Henderson that the cops are almost as bad as NLV cops.

By the way, are you a member of Nevada Shooters?
Well, I can't speak to Vegas -- never been there, but I suspect I'd say something along the lines of "For the same reason I have auto insurance - just in case..."
I was under the impression that all the casinos where "no carry"... I have talked to security here in Reno and most want you to come to security office and check it.

But I guess no signs means it's ok.

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