LEO Encounter in Portland, Oregon


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This post will be short becuase the encounter was short...

Got pulled over on the 205 Veterens Memorial Bridge going from Portland to Vancouver, WA by a Multnomah County Deputy. I was going a bit over the speed limit (I truely was not watching the speedo). I politely handed the Deputy my drivers lic. and CWP... He barely looked at my drivers license focused in on my CWP said- "Your're one of the good guys." He then wished me a Merry Christmas told me to watch the speedo and sent me on my way.

My wife was friggin shocked! She went back today to get paperwork to renew her expired CWP.:)

Well that is great. Always good to hear a nice encounter. I think the majority of police support us and often only the bad encounters are heard. Thanks for posting your encounter.

Here I was thinking that I'm the only one that's happened to. Was hessitant to even post my prior encounters with LE. I get pulled and out of courtesy inform of my CCW. Once it's determined that my permit and weapon are legit I get a warning and on my way. I don't flash it to get out of anything, like I said, it's a courtesy. Between my CCW and Marine Corps sticker on my window, Johnny Law knows I'm a "good guy" and returns the courtesy.

-Drive fast and shoot straight:D
Glad you had a positive encounter. I had a similar experence sometime back here in Texas.
Not me... No hassle on the permit, but wrote me a legit, (but really unwarranted concerning the circumstances), ticket that is costing me dearly. I suppose I was due for one anyway. Been since 1973 since my last one.

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