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Sounds like Grognard Gunny is the only one that has responded so far that has grown up left handed shooting as long as I have! True, there are no autos shucking hot shells to the left, but I think any gun that I didn't have to perform contortions over the slide with my fingers or turn the gun less than 120 degrees to operate the controls would qualify as a "Left-hand Friendly Firearm" in my book. My carry firearm is a Browning Hi-Power, Condition 1, and about five years ago I finally treated myself to a ambi safety from Cylinder & Slide. My trigger finger operates the slide release and mag release for the rest of battery of arms, but the firearm is built so well that does not create a problem - both go smooth as silk.

I've never wanted to change because I've never found another gun that operated left-handed as smoothly, but now that I see these listed, I might give the higher-end models a try. Keep listing them, guys, if there are any more!

HK supposedly makes a left handed model, but I cannot attest to whether the ejection port is left handed or not.
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I tried that link only to find:

Currently Not In Stock
Price: $799.99

I imagine not many of the suppliers want to carry guns for only 14% of shooters.
They don't kick shells at you.
They don't have a funky slide lock.
They don't have a funky safety set up
They are fun.
I get along just fine with my XD9subcompact. May have a spent cartridge hit me in the shoulder once in a while but like Gunny say's you get used to it and hardly notice. If your left handed you learn to adjust. Nraynes is right also a good revolver is a viable option but I still prefer an pistol. Just depends on what your comfortable with. But go try out a springfield XD you might be pleasantly surprised great gun at a good price.
They don't kick shells at you.
They don't have a funky slide lock.
They don't have a funky safety set up
They are fun.

True, but trying to use a speedloader on a revolver that has the cylinder on the far side of the pistol from the hand that is holding the speedloader IS a bit of a nuisance!

Best revolver I found convenient for lefties is my SP 101 (Ruger), the "rocker" lock for the cylinder is just right for getting the thumb of my right hand on while getting ready to reload.

The "drill" goes: Push opener. Spill empties, 45 degree up. 45 degree down, cant weapon left, crossover right over left speedload. Close and set cylinder. BOOM! (2-4 seconds, ET.)

It ain't elegant, but it gets the job done.


How's this.

Iver Johnson new model topbreak.
Either 32s&w or 38 s&w. Topbreak. Mine shoots where I point it and I have it as an off-hand BUG
(I'm ambidextrous but right hand dominate for shooting)

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