LCP sight options?


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Does anyone have any ideas for making the sights on a lcp more visible? I got an lcp for a backup, but the sights are nearly gone at arms length. Do you think a dot o white paint would make them visible?

Simple solution

I have one of the little Ruger LCPs as a back up gun and I found that a small paint brush like you use on small model cars and a little white paint like used on models made a world of diffrence on the sights. You can paint the front sight a diffrent color if you are inclined, but white front and rear worked for me. Cost is very cheap and if it wears off it only takes little touch up to be back up and running. If you do not like it it is easy to clean off and start all over again. Try it before you spend a lot of money for other options.
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Thanks. I hoped someone here needed the sight more visible, and had used some form of inexpensive fix. I think I'll give it a trial by fire tomorrow.
I did this on my 1911.

The Novak sights were white front and rear. While they were relatively visible, there was no contrast. So I just used some model paint (Testors enamel) and painted the front sight bright orange. The contrast makes a world of difference
.380 pocket gun for back-up or primary = use a thumb-forward grip and literally aim with your thumbs.

Thumbs never need batteries. :biggrin:

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