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I bought a Ruger LC9 on 7 June and been carrying it everyday since, many hours at a time as well. I noticed about a week ago that one of my rear sights was loosing its white dot (on the left side, which is the one next to my body) and today I went to practice and it was completely gone. Needless to say, I ignored it and practiced as is....seeing this is what I would of had if I needed to protect myself.
Aside from that, I was not happy. Has anyone had such a issue with their carry? Ruger or otherwise?
Funny thing was my gf went to try out the LC9 and pointed it out to me before I truly figured it out.(she was shooting my Glock 17 and I was talking about trigger control and how it can be a pain, and anyone that has shot the LC9 knows exactly what Im talking about) I reconized something was off when I shot it before her, but didnt seem to let it get to me(thank you dear training). I was trying to teach her how to shoot.
So if anyone else has had this issue or just other comments, feel free. Im calling Ruger tomo and gettin to the bottom of this. Might need a new rear sight. Maybe fire truck red would be a interesting color


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I was looking at buying one just a couple weeks ago and decided not to because of how cheap the thing felt. The LC9 is a popular gun for CCW but it sure is a piece of crap in my opinion. I was very disappointed with that gun.


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This was the only issue ive had. I put about 300 rounds down range with it and no issues what so ever. Carrys nice, light weight, and very easy to hide for summer wear. Trigger pull sucks, but so does the ones on other pistols so that is not a valid argument.


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I looked at a lc9 and have shot the lcp ,did not like the trigger pull ,and the way is was made bought a sig 380 instead of the lcp and a glock 19c instead of the lc9,,for a couple dollars more i have a gun that is depependable life is worth that


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I have been carrying my Lc9 only for a few weeks now and haven't lost any dots yet but I will be watching for that now. I am pretty sure Ruger would make that good. Love it so far ;)


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I looking at buying one.

I heared so far on forums:

Dots come off sight,

Very long trigger pull,

Bluing come off the ejector port,

Sweat form IWB carry causes rust fast,

Any thing else?


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I just checked out my LC9 and the dots seem to be as good as new and I've carried it regularly.


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I have LC9 and never have problem with it, and I love it too, easy to handle and easy to carry, I also have S&W Bodyguard 380 and between them two not much different on carrying. That was probably 1 out of 1000 with problem...

Good luck!!!


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I called up Ruger today, and as I expected they were simply awesome. They are sending out a new rear sight for me and all I have to do is return the one I have now. Seeing its a simple screw in sight I probably wont need a gun smith so a easy fix. Im happy with their customer service, and they didnt ask questions (probably bc its onlya $6 part ha)


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Well I finally lost the dot on my front site, didnt bother calling ruger though. I just bought a tube of high viz sight paint for six bucks and put it right back on. Ordered my Crimson trace laser as well, it should be in today or tomoro I cant wait :)

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I am not a fan. Ruger hit way below the mark with the LC9. I've talked about why extensively in previous posts so I won't get back into it here. If you want a subcompact 9mm, stick with the Glock 26.


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I had my new LC9 for 3 days & 100 rounds later the cheap plastic "takedown plate" won't budge. Ruger paid for shipping it back and I'm a week into waiting. Kind of disappointing for a new gun, but this has been my only complaint in the short time I have owned it.


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It's not a target gun so ya don't get a target trigger. I've been practicing with mine like I'm shooting an IDPA match or if I ran up on a gang of bad guys. Double taps are quick once I ran about 100rds thru it and understood the trigger better. I'll be using this gun in up coming matches plus using it as my primary carry gun.


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I was thinking about the LC9 but after checking it out I wasn't very impressed. Plus, it seems Ruger gave into all the anti-gun folks with all those damn safeties. I want to draw and shoot - not have to manipulate that tiny manual safety lever. And if I run out of ammo, drop the mag and for some reason have to shoot before getting the replacement mag in there, it won't let you! I would rather buy U.S.-made, but the only option out there for a point & shoot "pocket pistol" appears to be that new beretta (forgot what it's called?)... Only manufacturer with guts enough to go anti-California in that market.


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I really like my LC9. I've put hundreds of rounds through it with no failures. Great carry gun.

Re the white dot: yeah, just repaint it. The dot disappeared on my XD-40SC and I repainted it on, no biggie.


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Had it for a little over a month and no complaints. After about 400 rounds I'm getting used to the trigger and have been carrying it daily.


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The LC9 has become my daily carry. I love it. If you read enough firearms reviews you will find negative and positive feedback for just about any firearm. I had the dots disappear on my M&P and as stated by others I just repainted them....

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