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There are guidelines, FAQ's, pages FULL of laws and links to resources here. NO online law site is a substitute for a savvy human expert in the area of law you may require guidance/help on. What this site does do very well is match your search words to city, county, state, tribal and federal laws that match your input into the State of Washington law data bases. I typed in two words: 'concealed carry' then selected in the 'quick-links' pull down menu which data-base I wanted to search from tribal to Federal. I chose (all) Washington State Law. 3 hits, so I then chose: 'Link to RCW Title 9.41 regarding Firearms and Dangerous Weapons. Full description'. That led me to the massive searchable data-base of Chapter 9.41 RCW or every major legal facet of guns and the law I'd need to know about to stay armed & legal. Old news for me, vital stuff for any new arrival with a gun and still thinking like they are in their old digs! Then I typed in 'arrest' and checked that single word against the same 'quick-link', 3 hits, I followed 'Information regarding a person's rights when confronted by the police. Discusses stops, probable cause, arrests, bookings and arraignments. Full description' Gave me 13 spins on what happens and why during that unpleasant process.
So the idea is, without going out and experiencing confrontations with laws/cops or shady businesses/scams I had no idea even existed just waiting to put a hurt on my life, in a place I've lived for a decade, knowing that ignorance of a law is no defense in any court in this state, I could figure out pretty-much what is legal and what is not whenever I needed to for free, from home 1st, covering almost every subject I could dream-up from 'eviction' to 'trespassing' or even 'barking dogs'.
Knowledge to me is a very useful online tool for planning for the best of times, or weathering the worst from the veritable horses mouth of this state. Posting a governmental law link to USA Carry is IMHO a smart tool for us armed Washingtonians to have book-marked and is not just legal advice, it is the laws of this state from those who made them, and if you happen to break any, or need help with people who are breaking them @ your misery then it even has a section on the main menu, 1st page called 'Finding and Working with Lawyers'. That links right in with the American Bar Association which can and will help you decide whether you need an attorney, how much one may run U, or whether the answers you seek exists free with choices like this:
* The Access to Justice Board explains how low income individuals can get legal advice at no charge.
* Information from the Washington State Bar Association on legal fees.
The 'Prevent and Solve Legal Problems' selection posts new laws and other very useful new information like the latest scams and those in Washington State who make that list should beware that something about their operation is not legal or may cause you grief if U go there, like this new way to get a ticket on our roads/freeways: The Cost of Driving While Talking: It is now illegal to drive in the state of Washington while using a handheld phone. With a few exceptions, drivers who are caught are subject to a $124 ticket. Something 113 of the nearly 300 drivers stopped since that new (IMHO very sensible & needed) law hit are now VERY aware of. Ouch!
I give you the Law of Washington State:
This concludes my report on a web-site that could help you in ways you never dreamed of, or save you from a world of Evergreen State hurt.

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