Large beaver attacks man while fishing

CUMMING, Ga., Aug. 2 (UPI) -- Georgia wildlife officials said they are searching for a large beaver that bit a man on the leg and arm while he was fishing on Lake Lanier in Forsyth County.

Authorities said Russ McTindal was fishing Thursday when he saw the mammal, which he estimated to weigh 35 to 40 pounds, came at him quickly, WSB-TV, Atlanta, reported Monday.

"When he got close enough, I whacked him a couple of times with a fishing rod on top of the head," McTindal said. "He even speeded up more. When he got to the bank, he come in chomping."

"He was attacking me," McTindal said. "He was actually attacking me. I hadn't provoked him or anything. Apparently when I went down, he pulled his head out locked on to me."

McTindal said he escaped the beaver and used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

Large beaver attacks man while fishing -


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:sarcastic:I wonder of the beaver was a Muslim, next thing you know it will want to build a dam Mosque...:biggrin:


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This is why we exercise our rights to carry sidearms even when recreating in nature. Nature doesn't like us.
I fish a lot. I can't imagine something like this happening.. lol.
A few years ago, we paddled into a small backwater off of a larger lake, in the north country. We were hitting the weed lines with poppers trying to lure out a bass when all of a sudden, something hard hit the side of the canoe. We looked over the starboard side, and there was a large beaver looking at us. He remained stationary in the water for a good three minutes. Both of us had our paddles at the ready. He/she then slapped his tail and dove under. We thought it was best if we left this area. The bass were not hitting anyway.


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"I whacked him a couple of times with a fishing rod on top of the head"..............."I hadn't provoked him or anything" no not at all 40lb beve Vs. 6 oz ugly stik:to_pick_ones_nose:

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