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I am thinking of maybe getting oa holster with Kydex and was wondering if anybody has had a problem with Kydex leaving marks or wear spots on your firearm with it? Thanks.

Any holster - kydex, nylon, or leather - will leave wear marks on your gun to some degree. This is most pronounced when the firearm has applied finishes, like bluing, nickel plate, cerakote or whatever.

If you want a gun to stay pretty...get one made of stainless steel, in a brushed finish. Otherwise, leave it in the safe in a plush case. (Not very fun or useful, but it will stay pretty that way.)
Yep it does Woody! Just remember its a tool, not a love affair with something pretty. I have a Crossbread for my G26 and the finish is rubbing off because of my draw practice. Just remeber why you have it...
Woody, any holster will, eventually show wear on your gun. I have used Kydex for about 2 years. My first one was from Blackhawk, but they are no longer in business. I just recieved one from FIST holsters, so far it is great. There is not a lot of excess leather, they add about 1/8" to the thickness, if you carry IWB. They are simple, very light weight and very comfortable. I don't notice mine if I'm carrying small (Kahr pm9, s&w 640). I have one for my g26 and it is barely noticeable. I have tried a drawer full of holsters, even crossbreed, and non fits the bill like the FIST or Blackhawk. I just ordered one for my Chiappa Rhino. I don't think you can go wrong with either of these.
Better Half and I both use Kholsters. Products The Kydex does leave "wear" marks, but nothing like scratches or anything serious. But the tip of my barrel looks a heck of a lot more "used" (grayish) from firing then the marks left from the Kholster.
I carry a Ruger KP95(stainless/synthetic) in a Kydex full time. It definately shows the wear on the frame from contact and where the retention surfaces grip the trigger guard. I would never put a gun I couldn't accept some finish wear showing in a Kydex holster. The Ruger is a working gun and will never be a showoff piece. In fact I hadn't paid much attention to the marking until last weekend when I was showing the Ruger to a person who was interested in a carry pistol. He commented on the somewhat unsightly marking and I looked at it closer. It is what it is and the holster provides me with the level of retention vs. accessibility that I expect.
A different perspective...

I understand where you are coming from - I like pretty, too.

You will, however, enjoy owning, carrying and shooting you EDC more (less angst) when you come to terms with it being a tool that will naturally wear out and eventually be replaced.

If you are going to trust yourself and a gun in potentially life-threatening situations, you need to practice regularly and that is going to cause more than scuff marks to the finish!
Thanks guys, I was afraid of that...

Don't concern yourself with it, It takes a while to show, and even then it's not that bad (assuming it's a good finish). You can always have a slide re-coated. Your daily carry will always be more beat up than the safe/range guns, no way around it.
Yep, I like them all to stay pretty.
I cant carry at work, so my leather holster works well for the times I do carry.It hasnt left any marks on the SR9c since owning it.About a year now. I was looking at the Old Faithful kit holsters.I like the way they fit from waht I have seen. And you cant beat the price. Looks like they would be a great IWB. I used to carry a SP101 in SS and that thing could take a licking and never show it. Guess I am worried about the new Ruger to much. LOL Thanks for help guys.
I was looking at the Old Faithful kit holsters.I like the way they fit from waht I have seen. And you cant beat the price. Looks like they would be a great IWB.

You would be correct with that assumption. Very Happy with My Old Faithfuls. I've had more than a few IWB's. I'm always trying to find the "Perfect" one.

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