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Any one else missing it?

Yep --- it's been down for nearly a week. Don't know what it is going on, and haven't been able to find anyone who knows.

The server move occurred a few weeks ago --- they came back online for a few days, and then gone. Apparently the server move/upgrade didn't go as well as hoped. They now have a static webpage up saying the server is down, instead of a dead link. If you are a PHP or vBulleting genius, you can help by contacting
their webmaster at [email protected].

Happy Days are almost here again

Logged in this morning, Link Removed had an error, but I tried deleted link and got in.

I have sent this report to the webmaster and KS2A.

Got this reply

the forum is still locked down jim. do not manipulate any feature of the forum until it is clearly opened. i have work to do still and need a clear starting point to go from.

Robert requests we wait a few days. I'll post an OK when he emails me.
I wondered what happened to it. I'm glad it will be back up soon.

Our local newspaper ran a positive article on the Kansas CC program. As it turns out I'm just one out of a 169 McPherson County residents with a CCH.
Almost 5,000 in Sedgwick County. Almost 25,000 statewide.

Crime is not the only reason to get the CCH. A political statement, just as an insurance policy.

IIRC, Trego County has 3 licensed individuals, probably everybody else carried openly.:wink:

Link Removed

They have FOUR!
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They were back up on the 18th, for an few hours. But there is trouble in Paradise.

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Short answer- The code is inserting new data improperly. That means anytime you submit a new thread it rewrites an old one. This is not good. I won't have anyones content damaged, thus the site will remain locked until the code writers can fix it. We can't have negligent discharges and fly aways on the site.

This message is up 12/22/2009

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