Know any good Criminal Defense Lawyers


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Are there any members who know of a good criminal defense lawyer that they would use in case they had to be defended in a court of law? Thought it would be a good idea to have a phone number in my wallet in case the need would ever arise. Someone serving the Multnomah, Clackamas County area is what I would want. Hope to never have to use one but best to be prepared.

Check out the American Self-Defense Institute logo in the Sponsor's banner at the top of the page.
I would become a member of OFF Oregon Firearm Federation. They have been helping out all of Oregonians with protecting our rights. They have flipped the bill for the most recent fight with the Marine and the college here in Oregon.

Hey Ironhead, My Dad always said make you theree best friends you Attorney, Banker, and accountant, Lawayer for me is my membership with Pre-Paid legal service. I,m an agent and a member for 10 years. I,m not licenced to provide you a program, about $17.00 a month covers the wife or sig other kids, you have firms in all 50 states they supply a will free, and have saved my but many times, when ya put the logo by your vin that alone tells the cop your not going to court you attorney is and he's gonna have to show, they think twice about filling quotas go to prepaid and have a look. I was pulled over one night after returning from a friends house to show him my toys, 2 M-1 carbines a 9mm baretta darenger a 25 two 38 police service revolvers male and female, there colectable, anyway I told them what and why I was so heavly armed, they freaked and were trying to find a reason to arrest me, I told them to go on line and research statue 790, they did and got humble and appoligezed for the delay and cut me lose. I didnt blame them and told them so I didnt blame them for thinking they had a real Colenbine guy on there hands. I also told them "if me john Q was out and about and one of you were in a bind who do ya think I'm gonna help, you or the bad guy. All the best brother Barlitt8 aka Travelin-man My tag name from the third tradition motorcycle fellowship

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