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Kimber Ultra Raptor-Unreliable-Now "resolved"

Got it a few months ago. Went to range, had multiple failures to feed. Had brass hit my forehead enough to cut it. Manned up and put over 500 through it, stripping and cleaning at 100 each time. Sent it back to Kimber. They polished and reamed and etcera'd the gun. Got it back. Now the brass doesn't hit me in the face ever. Better. However I get a failure to return to battery about every 2 mags. This is independent of what ball ammo or which mag I use. Ran some more though it hoping for a change. Maybe another 4 or 500. No luck. Called Kimber. They said it sounds like I was underlubing. So I lube it up and fire another 150, same thing. Send it back to Kimber again. Dennis calls me and tells me that the gun looks great and there's nothing wrong with it, but he polished it up some, etc. They test fire it with FMJ only and send it back saying it's a-ok.
I take it to the range today. It now feeds FMJ quite well with only a few FTFs in 110 rounds. I switch to Winchester JHP and get 1-2 failures per magazine.

So I call Kimber. At this point I get quizzed on how I lube it, etc. It's STRESSED to me how critical adherence to the break in period is. I point out that I'm over 1000 rounds into this gun. I get further quizzing and tacit implications that I'm an idiot.

Originally I felt those on this board bashing kimber were just doing that. I now realize there are serious issues with Kimber. I'm very dissapointed that a 1000 dollar gun is not something I'd feel comfortable carrying for personal protection.

Since Kimber won't even admit that this gun is faulty I don't see how I can force them to make good on their warranty.

Oh, in case the issue of shooter error arises, 2 others have shot this gun. One a marine who is very experience with pistol shooting.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm probably going to unload this gun at a show and buy something else. I have a grand raptor that shoots flawlessly, but I'm so upset at Kimber I'm thinking of ditching that also. In any case, Kimber has lost me as a customer, as well as a handful of folks I know looking to buy guns.

Any suggestions as to how better to deal with kimber would be welcome.

I copied and pasted this from a post(of mine) elsewhere. I wanted to be sure those of you looking at Kimber had an idea of their customer service.

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had simular issue

i bought a ultra carry II and had failure to go into battery approx 2 out of every magazine, called kimber got told to put massive amounts of lube on it and run 500 rds through it. should not have to buy a $800 gun and put another $150 dollars worth of ammo through it before i can trust it and have it dripping with lube, but i did, after 500 rds only have about 2 failure to return to battery per 100 rds, with hollow points have no malfunctions what so ever. dont unload it at a gun show just puts the problem on someone else. I would go to the range with a video camera and have someone video the firearm malfuntion multiple times. then send it with copy of video to kimber and ask that they replace the weapon being at this point it is a lemon. I have other kimbers and my brother and father do as well and not had one issue with either of them from being brand new right out the box. they do make some nice guns just an occasional lemon like everything else in this world. might have been assembled on a monday after the gunsmith had a long weekend of partying!
P and I also have Kimbers. Haven't put as many rounds through them as you have, but thus far we haven't had any problems at all. I like the video idea, but I must say I'm disappointed in Kimber's response. Maybe THEY should run a few hundred rounds through it and see what THEY get...and have them video THAT for documentation to YOU.

And, P.S. - Our Kimbers were $990. Each! I'd be pissed!

when i called them about mine failing to return to battery the guy seemed somewhat arrogant, told me that there secret was tight tolerances and that they required much lubrication and a 500 rnd break in period. I dont know of any other guns that you have to run 500 rnds through before you can bet your life on it. my other kimber and my sigs will digest anything i feed them without failure.:D
My husband had a Kimber that had a lot of trouble the first 500 rounds or so. Kimber sent him a replacement slide stop when the original broke during one of the malfunctions, and I can't remember what all else he had done with it. However, after about 500 rounds the thing shot like a charm. Weird. He sold it after it was shooting good--all that early frustration just left a negative feel with it I guess. We had lots of people who swore by Kimbers the whole time he was having so much trouble with his. I just think with so many guns that shoot great right out of the box a person shouldn't have to mess around with a 500+ round break in period.
I am truly sorry to hear about your experience. I have never had a Kimber and probably never will after reading this. I agree with so many good firearms out there why put up with this. I have many handguns, many of them inexpensive. The only one I have ever had an issue with was my Kel-tec. Took it apart once and polished it. Never another issue. I know any company will have a lemon every now and then, but they should make it right. I like the video idea. Have several different people fire it to show it's not you. Also, I would be tempted to print the forum threads you have started and send it to them to show how much negative feedback they are getting out of not fixing your gun.
This is weird. I have heard this from others and I am not doubting it but I have had a great experience with moy own. It shot great right out of the box no problems. It has had 2-3 failures to feed due to my using a crappy old US Govt Issue magazine but when I use the one that came with the gun or a quality mag it works everytime. I think you just got a lemon I feel they should replace or refund you the money. I think the video is the only way you can show them what it is doing and have them believe you. Good luck
I first ever purchase was a Kimber. I ended up getting rid of it because in my opinion it was unreliable. It did not malfunction a lot but it did malfunction. There was no rhyme or reason to it, it just did. I ended up getting rid of it and taking a bad beating on price.

Kimbers are one of those guns that either work or never work right. They start at about $800 for the low end and work their up.

Personally paying that kind of money for a maybe gun.. No thanks.

I will get flamed for this but my Glock does not need oil. I am not saying I would use it dry but if needing oil is the excuse for a gun not working properly then that is a problem. Especially if it is a carry gun.

My 2 cents.
I will get flamed for this but my Glock does not need oil. I am not saying I would use it dry but if needing oil is the excuse for a gun not working properly then that is a problem. Especially if it is a carry gun.

My 2 cents.


I agree with not wanting too much oil on a carry gun. Especially in hot areas line Phoenix in the summer, you don't want gun lube getting all over the place. With that said, the Glock is my primary carry gun because of the reliability, reasonable price, and minimal lubrication. Glock recommends "one drop" applied to the outside of the barrel and slide rails with your finger tip. I appreciate simplicity anytime I'm working with a firearm. :)

Anti-Glock folks can bash me all you want, but when it comes to choosing a gun that my life depends on, I'll pick my $600 Glock. I've got friends who swear by Sig. Problem I have with the Sig is that I can get 2 Glock pistols for the price of 1 Sig. That's another story for another day. ;)

Keep safe.....

Sorry to hear that you are having problems. My carry gun is a Kimber Ultra Carry II and I love it. I bought it used off a guy who had only put ~40 rounds through it. I've put close to 2000 rounds through it and not one issue.

I did have an issue were the guide rod came unscrewed. I'll admitt that was my fault for taking it apart and not tightening it back down properly. But after Talking to Kimber they replace the entire spring assembly.
Just thought of something. Have you left your mags fully loaded for a few days? Mine did have an issue feeding hollow points smoothly with new mags. After I left them loaded for 3 days to break in the mag springs they chambered perfect.

Just a thought.
Raptor's are from the Custom shop, they need 500 to 700 rounds down range before the metals mate. Ditch the Factory mag and buy Wilsons. I've sold hundreds of them. Never a problem.
i have a springfield 1911 and had ftf problems and had to send it back to factory twice. the second time they gave me night sights and two mags free. they treated me excelent. after that it worked great but i still bought wilson mags and couldn't ask for a more reliable weapon. i can't believe kimbers people acting like that. don't think i will buy one. i like the idea of the video too. sounds to me they need to replace the weapon. in the letter i sent to springfield the last time i sent mine in i told them that this was my first springfield and how it worked when i got it back would determine whether it would be my last or not. they treated me well.
Wilson mags, wet gun, video. This is no way to run a company.I have 2 and would not stand for that kind of treatment. Take to a Kimber Master dealer and tell him the story and to shoot gun. Please keep us informed on your progress .
If you have not, I really would try leaving your mags fully loaded for 3 days and see if this takes care of the issue. Both mine and my dads Kimbers have problems feeding anytime we get a new mag. Fully loading the mag for 3 days breaks in the spring and all is good.
My Kimber

I have carried many different guns in my day. I have the S&W M&P 40 compact and love it. But After shooting my sons Kimber I fell in love with it. I now carry the Ultra CDP II. This gun is new and I have only put about 300 rounds through it but I have to say it is one of the best shooting guns I have ever shot. Not one frailer right out of the box and that is with FMJ and JHP.
Wilson Combat 1911 mags.

when the FBI went looking for a new 1911 their only requirment was that Wilson Combat magazines be used. I'm not a 1911 owner, but that is a very strong endorsment.
Kimber Unreliable

Landor-I will have to disagree with you saying kimbers are one of those guns that either work or dont....

Trust me when i say you got a bad one...Like any other brand you may get a bad one, its like a car.

I'm sorry you lost confidence in them, but i can tell you I own 5 of them with about 10,000 rounds through them combined. never a problem, not once with any. Hope you look to buy a new one and get that confidence back in them.

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