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I recently got my ccw and while i have a few options already i can carry I am looking at the Kimber Ultra Carry II. I currently own 2 kimbers already, Raptor and Stainless II both in full size. I have heard nothing but great things about the Ultra Carry, but I guess my question is the grip. I know it measures in at a height of 4.75...Anyone that has one, does you pinky finger hang off? And if so, how does this affect the overall feel/shooting.... If this is the case I would consider the pro carry, but I really want something smaller like the ultra carry that is a little more concealable.

I appreciate any feedback-thanks

Love my pro carry and make it work. My ultra fits big hands just fine but it has been taken by my wife. Ok they are great .
For what it's worth, my Lovely Bride has an Ultra Carry II, and it's great! I'm just 6' and about 215 lbs., and I find it comfortable...maybe even preferable! my Pro CDP II. It's lighter and smaller, fits my hand like a glove, points easily, favorite part...has a trigger comparable to the best target pitsol I've ever shot, and I've shot a lot of them. I'd replace the grips - the checkering is so sharp it'll tear up the inside of your jacket - but there's nothing 'wrong' with them. Great gun, well recommended, if a little pricey. Good Luck!
I appreciate all of the comments on this gun. It has def. helped with my descision. I plan on purchasing one sometime next month. any preference on ammo for the ultra carry? I know there are different opinions of using 185 or 230 grain. I use 230 grain federal tactical in my other 2 kimbers. I just dont see the point of using anything less in a .45. It was designed for a heavy slow moving bullet. But it all comes down too whatever works and shot placement. Thanks again for all the info. :D
Mine eats what I feed it .None of my Kimbers are ammo senctive. They wont feed spent rounds however. I use fed. silver or rangers .Law inforcement here use fed silvertips.I like corbons also.

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