Kimber KPD .40


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I was looking at purchasing the new Kimber KPD .40. Does anyone have this pistol or any experiece with it? I have not been able to find much feedback online, so I wanted to see if anyone here had some. (I own several Kimber 1911's and love Kimber-thats why the interest) Thanks

I have never fired a Kimber, but I have heard very little bad about them. You are already familiar with them, so you know more than I do. I will say 40sw is my favorite handgun caliber. I typically carry a 45, but that's because that's the only caliber my favorite pistol is made in. Good luck with your decision.

Thank you for the reply. This gun is Kimber's first polymer design or really first design outside of the 1911 for that matter. Thats why I am wondering if anyone has fired it or thoughts.
I also really like Kimbers X2 . I have looked for one of these in shows and stores and not seen one. A glock fan told me Kimber did not build but buy from across the pond. Still not much fanfare for a kimber thats 2 years old.
I've been looking for one myself, but both shops I asked at told me they aren't available for sale yet. Not sure if this is true...

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