Kids and Guns


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Written by Jonathan "Kaymen" Adkins, Sr.

In today’s world you would be hard pressed to find a more controversial topic then kids and guns. As a parent, there is nothing more important to me then the safety of my son. I want him to be safe and secure at all times. I want to shield him from all the dangers in our world. But at the same time I know I cannot always protect him, I will not always be around. I want him to have the skills, the ability, and the strength to stand on his own. I want him to become a good strong man. How do I obtain these goals? It is a sad realization that all parents come to at some point, we are not able to protect our children twenty four/seven. Kids are inquisitive and curious, it is how they learn and develop. They ask questions and test their limits. When you were a child if you did not test your physical limits and try to craw, stand, or walk where would you be today? Still lying in the floor hoping someone will come and change you?

I know there are folks out there that would say all we need to protect our children is the abolishment of guns and private gun ownership. However this is an unrealistic and unachievable goal. Evil does exist, there are people out there that intend to do us harm. Their reasoning can be religious, political, or perverted to me why does not matter. The fact that they do exist is enough for me to take whatever action I can to stay safe. The same goes for my child. The answer is not more gun control it is education. By teaching our children how to be safe and responsible gun owners then are we not only sharing a fun and rewarding experience with them, but we are giving them the skills they need to protect themselves when we are not around.

Children have a natural curiosity if you try to hide something from them and say, “do not touch” that just makes them want it even more. The forbidden fruit is at times just too tempting. By removing the mystery and taking the time to teach your child that a weapon is a tool, it can provide food, security, and enjoyment – when used properly. How many times have we all heard the story of two small children finding the parent’s gun? I want my child to know that a weapon is a tool and how to use it properly. I feel it is my duty to raise my child to take his place in society, teach him how to be a good man and how to do the right thing. That it is the duty of the strong to help the weak. Who knows it may save his life someday or someday it may even save my life.

I agree. education is the key, not getting rid of guns. I know many people who grew up with guns and understand that they are a big responsability. unfortunately I didn't have guns around me as a kid. I mean sometimes in scouts we would be taken out to the range and would get a chance to shoot shot guns or 22 rifles or something, but we weren't really educated on them. and to be honest when I was in my teens I didn't really like guns because all I heard about them were bad thanks to the media. fortunately as I got a little older I decided to buy a high power rifle... befor ethat I never thought I would get anything mor epowerful than a 22. what a mistake that would have been. no one was educating me on guns so I decided to educate myself. then buying some pistols and asssault rifles.. learning how they work, taking them apart, cleaning them, putting them back together. at least for myself it gave me some respect for guns and the good people who own them. as for my kids (when I have them) I will be teaching them about guns as soon as they are old enough to understand what I am saying. I don't want them to be afraid of them as I was as a kid. I want them to respect them and learn what they are for and that the people who use them for evil is a small percentage in this country when you compare it with the people who use them for good. guns are great! we would not be such a country without them. they protect us and also a very fun hobby. and aside from protecting us from the bg they could end up saving our life in other ways. what if we end up having to hunt for food? I am definately for gun education!

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