Kidnap victim gets her first gun


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I truly hate this had to happen to her, but one day it may save her life. I wish her the best!

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A shame

But she seems to be a strong woman, looks like she's making it back and heading forward. Nice work by the reporter and paper as well. Anyone in the area should write them a compliment for their op-ed page thanking them for unbiased reporting on the subject of firearms and firearms safety.
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Great article, as they say hindsight is 20/20. If she had a weapon when this assault occured, things might have turned out differently for her.
Good for her. Wish she had one before but at least next time the playing field will be a little more level.
What angers me is the dirt bag had three previous convictions for assaulting women.
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I am impressed with the perspective of the article. Well written. SOrry it happened to her, but good to see she feels she can come back for that type of incident and protect herself.
I'm glad she is getting her life back together. The dirt bag need to rot in jail. Too bad there isn't a more proper sentence they could give him. A very well written article! Even though we are a Pro Gun State some of our media is not. We would never see an article like that in the Greenville News.

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