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Thank you! Your suggestions are well appreciated. I am new to CC...What gave it away? The 6 posts? lol I hope to get to the DPS next Wednesday with my notarized application and cash. So yes, I'm VERY new. I've been researching the idea for a few months now and in no hurry. I have several cop friends, from Drug Interdiction/SWAT to Sheriff dept to local PD, and have been asking lots of questions. The SWAT friend is checking on some tactical/self defense training for my wife and I in the near future.

I'm shopping on-line just about daily, reading reviews of all the IWB holsters I can find. I've noticed several that are similar to the Kholster, but just "similar". Most notable is the lack of adjust-ability on other brands. I'm not one to impulse buy at all. I'm headed to a gun show in the morning to investigate further selections of CC holsters, auto holsters, and all CC accessories. From what I'm seeing, I would bet I could fabricate something to fit my needs (as that's a hobby). My main concern is with a 24/7 OSS with its 5.25" barrel...Just how "concealed" will I be able to get. I may save it for home/auto use and look for a smaller framed .45 for CC

I'm really not opposed to OWB holsters either...I tend to wear my T-shirts and button downs un-tucked. But there again...the size of the 24/7 OSS. If I find a suitable owb item, I MAY consider it. That way when I'm not carrying it will have a nice place to reside in the console.

Thanks again for your reply. Look forward to learning all I can here.

No problem, Lavon

I also have a few Crossbreed holsters, which are all tuckable, too. I like both brands because I can start out the day with the gun untucked but under a sportcoat, jacket, sweatshirt, etc. When the temps get too hot to wear a cover garment, I just excuse myself to the mens room, take off the jacket, and tuck into my shirt. It works with dress shirts, t-shirts, or anything I wear. Nobody is the wiser.
The barrel length of the gun is not as much of a problem to hide as the grip. I have trouble concealing my Glock 17/22, my Kahr P-45, and my 1911 (before I sold it). It was never the barrel that was hard to hide. ALWAYS the grip.
Yesterday, I was using an owb holster for my Kahr, only because the temps were below zero and there was no chance that I would be removing my cover garment.
Hope this helps.
I'm STILL shopping actually. In no hurry since I just got my application in a couple weeks ago.

Here's what I DO know...

1) I work on a gated government facility = no carry at work. While at work, maybe leave it on/attached so it's just a matter of quick transfer from console to person to console.
2) 4:00, 6:00 and maybe crossdraw depending on vehicle. While riding the motorcycle it needs to stay secure.
3) IWB or OWB or Both if priced right.

Ok, based on this...
I'm seriously considering the ITAC Paddle Holster ITACTS1 for OWB.

AND/OR maybe an Ace Case Ambidextrous model ZAA-796 for IWB.

But also considering something like the Don Hume model H715-M for All around use.

Good. Maybe look at Blackhawk Tactical leather holster that snaps on/off.
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The one for the Springfield XD also fits most the Taurus Millenium models. I'd stay away from the Ace Case or any holster that collapses when the gun is not in it. That means most ballistic nylon and soft leather, esp IWB holsters.
For IWB, you will want something that will stay open without the gun- otherwise it is hard to re-holster. Your pants will squash it closed, making re-holstering impossible. I have a whole box of that junk you can have!:sarcastic: LOL
For OWB, pretty much the same thing- something that stays open for re-holstering. You won't want to be hunting for the mouth of your holster or prying your holster open when you need to be concentrating on your 'situation'. Don Hume and Mitch Rosen are good names. Galco and DeSantis are ok, but look for one that stays open.
I say this because...Picture this scenario;
You're at a gas station. Carjacker comes up and threatens you with a knife. You present your firearm. He runs- no shots are fired. When the Police arrive, the last thing you want to do is stand there with your gun out! Re-holster it as soon as you can!
Also...just a quick side note- make SURE that YOU are the first person to call 911. If bad guy calls 911 first to report a trigger-happy nutcase with a gun, you're the first person the Police will look at as the instigator of the problem.

Everyone needs to do as much reading and take as many classes as possible. Front Sight is very expensive, but VERY MUCH worth the money. Also, get a subscription to Concealed Carry magazine. It talks a lot about these issues, holsters, guns, accessories, etc, etc, etc. Here's a link to look at:
Concealed Carry Magazine
Also look up Massad Ayoob. He's brilliant when it comes to legal issues- that's his specialty. There are many books on these issues, as well.
Keep me updated!

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