Kholster crescent Concealed Carry Tuckable holster


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This is my second Kholster CC holster. This model the Crescent, is fully tuckable and will accommodate either my 24/7 or my Millenium Pro. The holster fits wide on your belt with 2 spring steel enameled tuckable clips. This holster is adjustable for Kant up to 90* and height about 3" making this the most adjustable and versatile I have seen on the market.

The warranty is 2 part: a 90 day unconditional no Strings guarantee:

If fyou are not completely satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, return it to us and we will fix it or refund the purchase price, which ever YOU prefer. All you pay is the shipping. No Strings attached. No kidding. Really

Limited Lifetime Warranty

No legal speak here; just simple talk. If your Kholster ever breaks due to failure of the materials or craftsmanship, we will fix or replace it free of charge. Just return it to us with a note describing the problem and we will take it from there. Your Kholster will be fixed or replaced promptly so you don't be without it for long. No strings attached. No kidding. Really.

The Kholster is pretty basic in design a crescent shaped leather back piece, kydex molded holster and metal not plastic clips.

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Here you can see the metal tuck style clips that are held in place with a small bolt, leather washers and T-nut that locks into the back side of the holster. as you can see the kydex is riveted to the back side

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This is the mil Pro PT140 in the Kholster
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This is the 24/7 40 SW in the Kholster
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Because of the width of the Kholster it is easier to put In the waistband with your pants loose. the nice wide fit is very comfortable. the high back covers all of the grip and gun so no rubbing or chafing on my fat belly. The half moon wraps around your leg while sitting so there is no binding at all

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Even while wearing just a t shirt for loose cover it is invisible

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Tucked in as you can see is very hard to notice except for the clips

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I drove 300 miles with it on today, worked at home depot, and other spots picking up stuff for a building project. got home and after 8 hours of wearing it I forgot I had it on and the 24/7 in it. I wear it with about a 15% Kant to the front with the 24/7 as to eliminate the full size frame and grip being exposed.

overall I am very pleased. The design is well thought out and by far the most comfortable I have ever worn. The best part is until April 15th they are on sale for only 35.00 shipped!

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Well Ive been wearing this holster for a week or so and really believe it to be the best I have used. you do need to wax the leather washers so you dont squeak when you walk. LOL. It has adapted to the shape of my body now and I dont even notice it is on. I have played with the adjustment and now have it set so printing even through a baggy T-shirt is almost invisible. I do have to admit the thing is not very pretty, OK its down right ugly but who cares! IT works well and very functional, Yesterday I wore it without a T-shirt underneath and was still comfortable but the t-nuts and rivets dont dig but do make you sweat. On a scale from 1 to 10 Ill give this a 9.0 downgraded from a 10 because of appearance
I just got my Kholster Crescent for my Sig P250 last week. I have been wearing it around the house at night and on the weekends, and I love it. It is very comfortable and conceals very well, my wife doesn't even notice when I have it on. I can't wait for my permit to arrive so I can carry all the time. Thanks for the recommendation on Kholster.

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I just got my Kholster Crescent for my Sig P250 last week. I have been wearing it around the house at night and on the weekends, and I love it. It is very comfortable and conceals very well, my wife doesn't even notice when I have it on. I can't wait for my permit to arrive so I can carry all the time. Thanks for the recommendation on Kholster.

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NP. The more you wear it the better it gets
I ordered mine on a Saturday and it arrived on the next Friday. Pretty quick service. Like mine more everyday.

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Rockwerks, thanks for the pics and the review.

I'm looking to get one for my new Glock 23. I appreciate the review.
+1 For Kholster Concealment Holster

My new Kholster arrived yesterday for my new G23. The speed of delivery was most impressive. 4 days start to finish, with the July 4th weekend in between!

Like the earlier post, I'm already liking the simple design, the customer service on the front end has been tip-notch (thanks Jimmy McD!), and the warranty leaves nothing to be desired.

This is my first IWB holster for a "real gun." (I don't count the tiny "clip" on my .380 as a concealment holster, though it certainly disappears when I'm hauling that gun.) I've always been concerned about comfort and accessibility, not to mention pants/waist sizes etc. I've forever been an OWB user.

This model Kholster is the "full moon" model for the Glock 23, so it doesn't have the crescent removed, but otherwise it's the same as the pics above.

I tried it on immediately and depsite the fact it's brand new, I was impressed with the comfort. I tweaked the position and fit to where and how a CC - more of a 5 o'clock carry with slight angle. Rockwerks' advice about waxing the leather washers will happen soon, because they do squeak a bit - but otherwise, I'm impressed!

I wore it around the house the first day I got it. Today (day 2) I actually had one of those brain-fog moments when I actually forget I was CC'ing in the house, and had a "mini-panic attack" when my G23 wasn't where it always is. I guess that's a compliment to how comfortable this rig is. I still need to get used to carrying in this mode, and soon I'll "test-drive" this rig at the range, but thus far I'm really liking this rig.

Kholster says "Total Comfort, Superior Retention and Maximum Concealment." I would say they nail that 100% and have provided refreshingly professional and quick customer service as well. I would not hesitate for a moment to strongly recommend this rig, and this company.

Keep up the great service, Jimmy McD! :biggrin:
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Thanks for the insightful reviews on this.

Looks comparable in function to a Supertuck, with some more holes to play with for depth/cant.

I might have to get one to give it a go. :)
After reading lots of comments and suggestions on several different forums, I decided to go with the Kholster. I ordered on Sunday, it shipped on Monday, and I received it on Wednesday. I am very happy with this holster. It's not fancy but it is VERY functional. The smooth side of the leather is on the back (on your skin), and feels much better than a gun rubbing against you. I bought mine for my Glock 26 and it fits like a glove; easy to draw, but won't fall out when held upside down. In a pinch, I could use it for my Kel-Tec PF-9 or Walther P22, although the fit is a tad loose. The metal belt clips are quite sturdy and it stays put, with the gun snug against the body. Cant and depth are adjustable, and the leather could be trimmed to suit your individual needs. Jimmy, the owner, got right back to me when I emailed him a couple of questions.

It has a 90 day satisfaction guarantee (you pay the shipping), and a lifetime warranty.

It is $45, including shipping but if you enter a discount code in the 'special instructions' box you get a 10% rebate. (If you need a code: 336879)

I am not associated with this company, just a happy customer. I have only used the holster a couple of days, but it is very comfortable. For usability and price, it is a great value, IMHO.

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Here are some photos:

Kholster IWB with Glock 26


Kholster with Glock 26

Kholster with Kel-Tec PF-9

Kholster with Walther P22

Kholster with Glock 26 Upside Down
does anyone have buddy referral code?
sorry guys code doesn't work, they are having a sale..but thanks
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It looks very comparable to the Supertuck.

While is lacks a bit of the STs finish, it shares a good warranty and fills a bracket of low-to-mid-price hybrid holster.

I love my Supertuck, so I doubt Ill buy one of these, but Im glad everyone else is happy with theirs!
My Kholster review

I love all of mine- yes, I own several Kholsters.
They protect my ribs from the grips. I can tilt the gun forward in a very exaggerated forward cant- I like that. I'm a small guy and the forward cant helps conceal the grip a little better. I can carry a Springfield XD .45 compact, or a Kahr P-45, a Kel Tec P-11, Ruger LCP, or a Glock 27. That being said, I do admit that I also like my Crossbreed holsters, too.
I've read several comments here. Kholsters are ugly as sin- so are Glocks, Sigs and XDs. All of them are VERY reliable. Ugly is better. Kholster conforms to your body shape fairly quickly, especially if you wear the holster without a gun for a few hours. People say that drawing is difficult. It takes time to master it, just like anything else. You might not be used to having the grips tight with the holster, but adjust with a little practice (unloaded gun, of course). Kholster conceals very easily with the tuckable clips. Just adjust your wardrobe a little bit and wear shirts a little larger(with any holster). I wear a casual sport coat with jeans everywhere I go now, and it looks good. My sister is a wardrobe consultant, and highly approves. Hawiian shirts and any button-down shirt or sweatshirt work well, too. Just remember to wear them all a little big. The concealment vests are too obvious for me if someone knows what to look for.
I hope my comments help someone. Good luck!
I have a Kohlster for my Ruger .38 (LCR), a Ruger .380 LCP and my XD .40. Love them all and the price, comfort and warrenty can't be beat. Highly recommended no matter what you carry! Great service, great product, great price, what else can you ask for
Thanks for posting. I'm very interested in this type of IWB holster.
Appears to be for serious CC...for those who CC daily and need something comfortable.

BUT...Most of my pants fit without a belt. Seems you need a larger size to wear this type?
Lavon: response to your question

In response to your question, yes, you need a larger belt and larger pants any time you carry IWB, regardless of IWB holster brand. The nice part of larger clothes is that when you grow horizontally (gain weight) with age, you already have the larger sizes you need. LOL
I typically wear a button down shirt and a sport coat with jeans. It doesn't look like one of those cc vests which, to the trained eye, are obvious. Also, a big baggy sweatshirt or sweater works just as well. The nice thing about the Kholster is that any shirt tucks between the pants and the gun, but yet you have a leather backing to protect your ribs from 'slide bite' (gun ripping your ribcage apart).
I will assume that you are new to cc carry? I hope I don't seem like I'm talking down to you! That's not my intention.
With any new holster, make absolutely SURE you practice your presentation (with a loaded gun, of course) a LOT. Make sure you practice with each wardrobe outfit, too.
I had a winter jacket that the gun constantly got caught in the fabric, so I ditched that jacket a got a new one. You don't want to find out that a wardrobe item isn't going to work during a crisis situation. Also, have your spouse/partner/best friend look over your wardrobe outfits to make sure you are not 'printing'. I found that out with a friend, fortunately, but you can get 'made' very easily with the wrong wardrobe. I also saw that at a city convention center- two cops approached a guy whose denim jacket wasn't low enough to cover up his 'buddy'. He had a lot of talking to do! In a perverted way, it was funny to watch...
When the shirt tucks between the gun and the outside, it opens up your wardrobe quite a bit.
Did my comments help at all?

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