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I'm pretty new to Kentucky having moved here 16 Sept 11 from W.V. Just curious as to how other Kentuckians feel Kentucky stacks up as a pro gun state. Do you feel that Kentucky is very pro gun, some what pro gun, etc, etc.

Kentucky as some of the lightest gun control laws in the country. It's great being a gun loving Kentuckian.
It's a gun friendly state. Even here in Jefferson County, a hotbed of liberalism, we don't see that many 'no firearms' signs.

I'd like to see the 'gun free school zones' go away for CCDW permit holders, but I won't gold my breath.
I have found Kentucky to be a very Gun-Friendly State.
My wife and I moved to Kentucky 3 years ago from California looking forward to a little less Government on our shoulders
and in hope of finding Schools where Spanish is not the primary language. We have been fortunate on both counts.

The few businesses that post "No Gun" signs at the door do not enjoy our patronage as we are both CCDW holders.
The States' Hunter Safety Courses and the Licensed CCDW Classes that are held in various locations are encouraging programs.

Happy to live in a State where our right to carry the tools to protect our family is not infringed!

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