Keltec Su-16C

Alright, all you great rifle owners and knowledgeable people!!!! I've recently been thinking of buying a .223 sometime. Perferrably something that takes M16 or other similar form AR mags.

There are two downsides to this:

1. My budget will most likely be around 500 bucks
2. I looking for something that has capability, but can be stored or folded down to as small of a size as possible.

I'm thinking mostly for something to introduce me more personally to .223 and for the most part as a range toy. It would be nice to have something that has a nice cqb type setup, just for the who knows events. I recently ran across the keltec su-16c, and it sparked my interest. I like the fact that the stock folds up nice and the weapon can still fire. But its keltec, and I really don't know much about their rifles. Has anyone had good experience with this particular model?? Heard anything about it??? Does it feed well??? Do the mags work properly??? Anybody matched it up against traditional models??? I'm not expecting a 1500+ AR, just something as a very low low entry level rifle. :) Incidentally, if anyone else has good suggestions of something else, I'd like to hear it.


Would you consider a mini 14. They are pretty good rifles and if you shop around you might get one in that price range. I know it doesn't have a folding stock but just thought I would bring it up for a thought.
The Mini 14 is an out standing gun. I built my AR15 from the ground up and I have just over $700.00 in it. If you look around you may be able to build an AR15. for what you have, and you can build it as you get the money. As for the Kel-Tec I do not know much about their rifle but I do like their hand guns.
I have a SU 16 A and love it. I have also shot several other versions. All funtion great (use only brass ammo,no steel ,poly or alum cases,that's the only finicky thing about them) the M16 and AR 15 mags all work fine.
Here's mine;
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I have not done much to it yet but KT is starting to sell an AR kit for a new pistol grip/stock attachment. Check out the SU thread at KTOG;
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stock kit here;
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The poster,ktmw is a KT employee.

This is moderator BamBam's SU w/ AR kit. I got to shoot it last year before the AR kit was installed.
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If ya go over there sign up and talk to BamBam. He knows a lot about these things and is very helpful and willing to share.
Got to tell you. I went to Ket-Tec’s site last night and I am imprested with what I seen, I may put one on my list.
Thanks a bunch!!! I'll have to go over there and chat. I had considered and am still considering the mini 14. However, the keltec seems to be the rival so I thought I would look into it. I must say the one thing that was holding me back on the keltec other than performance was the grip. But, it seems as if KT has fixed that. :) HMMM too many decisions!!!
KT makes one with built in bye pod.They are a good company with a life time warrenty.Very good customer servce.Have you looked at a ak47 type in 223.
They “look” like a good deal and I had them on my list until I looked at the FAQ section on their web site. They only have a life expectancy of 6000 rounds (the web site actually says 6000 rounds or more which realistically means that it could go anywhere from 6000 to 10,000 rounds). That knocked them off of my list since I go out an average of twice a month and go thru an average of 200 rounds each trip. That would only last me about 2 year2. I decided to stick with my Mini-14, I’ll just put a new barrel on it when the time comes.
For a low end option,the SU-16 would be pretty good.I have no experience with them,but I have not heard anything bad about them.For CQB options,you might also think about the PLR-16.It is technically a pistol,but it is .223.And they are fun to shoot.But I recommend getting the shroud for the barrel,as it will get hot.
Oh,yeah,if you want an AR,you can get a lower receiver from your dealer,or order one and pick it up from your dealer and order a kit from one of several vendors and build it yourself..The one I normally use is Blackthorn products( seem to have pretty good deals on kits and parts and accessories compared with everyone else.
Yeah, I thought about building an AR, but it does not seem like I can do one right for 500 bucks. I'm of the opinion that if I am going to build an AR, I want to do it right and have a really great AR at the end. Not just a so so AR. My plight for going with the keltec was to have a reasonable .223 for at the range as more of a plinker on the low end affordable. I'm alright with the 6000 round pull out, although that seems to be more of a legal statement than anything else. I may just need to do a 6000 round part swap and retune. Although my mind is still not made up, I like the keltec and it seems to be reasonable for the low price. I'm not matching it up to an AR by any means, but just as a range plinker and occasional duty defender. It is by no means combat ready or as good as a good AR. That I'll will worry about when I'm more financially prone and have time to invest. Thanks everyone for the comments. If I get one this summer, I send a review and range results!!!
You won't be sorry with the SU- C. And don't worry about round counts , if ya wear it out , send it in and KT will rebuild it for ya , free.
What state are you in? There are several local KTOG shooter groups that hold regular/informal meets. If ya could make it to one I'm sure someone there would let ya try theirs out,that's how I tried out several KTs. These guys are pretty nice about letting others try out their guns,some are almost insistant :13: .
I just looked back and saw where your from, yep there is a group planning a shoot Memorial Day weekend (Sat ? )
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Thanks for the mention of the KTOG meets. I actually was aware of the meet, its just a bit too far away for that day as it is going to be a busy one for me. However, my mind is firmly made up. I still want to get the gun into my hands and make sure it feels right. But, otherwise it seems like a good compromise for the situation and requirements I have. Thanks!!!!
I have one and for what it is, it's a good gun IMHO.

It's a nice cheap gun that I can keep in the truck to shoot coyotes and rabbits at the Ranch. I don't worry about "dinging" it up and if it gets stolen it's cheap enough that I can replace it easily.

the SU-16C is definately on my list of rifles to own. That or maybe the SU-22 in .22lr, that would be a cheap to own cheap to shoot gun that looks like AR.:coolb:
When I attended the 4 day tactical rifle course at Front Sight last December, the only person who made distinguished graduate was using a Kel-Tec. He made DG because he was a great shot but the Kel-Tec definitely didn't hold him back.
Yeah..I've got a bunch of AR friends who are begging me to change to an ar15, but the things I've heard and seen on the keltec are great for the price. I've got pieces parts already that I've invested on for a future AR that will fit the keltec. And from what I've seen, the accuracy of the keltec is excellent given the price and make. I'm about 2 weeks out from a purchase, when I get her to the range after break in, I'll give my full personal report on the purchase and if I agree.

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