Kel-Tek CP33 a 22LR pistol


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This seems to carry on Kel-Tek's sometimes odd, but innovative offerings. This is similar at first to the PMR-30, it appears to use the same grip pattern and fire control that the PMR-30 has. I don't know personally, but I expect it's fatter as the magazine is quadruple stacked. It is divided vertically along the fore and aft axis and allows for two staggered columns of rounds on either side of the divider, making what appears to be four rows of rounds. The back of the receiver/slide seems to extend close to three inches beyond the back of the grip, and the barrel is pretty much shrouded by a slide shield. Looks … Futuristic (looking for a kinder gentler word.) MSRP of $475 makes it pricy for a 22LR . Just the gun for some one who does not want to be bothered with reloading. Oh it has up and down, side to side adjustable fiber optic sights that I like.



I’ve got a better word for it than futuristic, It’s FUGLY

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I’ve got a better word for it than futuristic, It’s FUGLY

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Yes it is.

But Fugly is the trend, see the Ruger SR22, Walther P99, H&K VP9, Springfield XD series, one could go on. Fine guns, but they're still fugly in my opinion.

A DWM P-08 has style. Might not be the best carry gun though. Walther PPK has style. Even a Remington New Army (1858) has style that beats most modern guns by a mile, but again, I'm not carrying it for self defense.

I don't know why some companies seem intent on out-uglying the competition with each new pistol (or rifle), you can make a reliable gun without making it ugly. Of course you can always make any gun even more ugly by covering it in 'muddy girl' pink camo.

(By the way, I own some ugly guns (but none in pink camo). Some are great guns. But they're still ugly. )


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I don't see using a CP-33 as a carry gun or my choice as a 'defense' gun, just a fun gun. of course if it was my only gun.....

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