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A little over two months ago I was at the range and noticed that the assembly pin in my Version 1 Kel-Tec P-3AT was jumping out 1/4 inch with each shot and had to be pushed back in and the area around it was deformed, bowing outward from the frame.

I sent the gun back to Kel-Tec and it was received on February 2. I knew that things have been a bit backed up in service with cutbacks and such due to the economy so I was prepared to wait awhile. I checked about a month ago and they said it was 4-6 weeks at them moment and I was only less than four in. So I put on my patience shorts.

Yesterday I looked up the phone number and was going to call to check on the pistol but got busy. Today the UPS man showed up at the door with a package.

When I opened it I was surprised to find a brand new Version 2 P-3AT that had been manufactured with the orginal serial number just for me to replace the Version 1. Kel-Tec had determined that replacement was the best option and the version 1 was no longer available.

From my research, I think many would have simply replaced the retainer spring and heated and pressed the polymer back into place, but Kel-Tec went the extra step and replaced the entire gun.

To me that's good service!

I had one of their early P-40s built on the same frame as the P-11. They have since discontinued the P-40. I had a problem with it after about 300 rounds. I called them, sent it in. The fixed it, no questions asked and shipped it back within 2 weeks. I appreciate the service I received from them. That is a big reason I will continue to be a customer.
I probably should add that I had the original gun for over four years and that the new one even came with the Hogue Jr removed from the original and slid neatly onto the new gun (and it was even glued onto the old one).
I was reading some "reviews"(more opinoins than reviews), about the Kel-Tec P-11, and the PF-9. A lot of them were'nt real thrilled about them. Saying that the gun has a 6000 round limit! 6000 rounds!!!, I would think that is a pretty good gun considdering that it is a CC firearm. Seriously, how often are people planning on shooting the thing?
Personally, I will buy a PF-9 in the very near future. I will fire it enough to break it in, other than that, the thing will be in my pocket waiting for the day(God forbid), someone threastens myself or my family.
All I am saying is, It's a handgun made for CC not frequent shooting. I shoot my Springfield XD-40 Tatical a lot, but try carrying that bulky uncomfortable thing on your ankle or in your waist band!!!
Just my opinoin though!!!!
Kel-Tec has always had great service. If you break or lose a part just give them a call and they will send you a replacement free of charge. As far as a round limitI could care less because with their life time warranty they will replace it just like they did for 2beararms. That's one reason I have so many of their firearms.

P11 with 357 sig barrel and slide
Sub 2000 Beretta mag

I'm now trying to find an RFB in stock somewhere.
...I'm now trying to find an RFB in stock somewhere.

I'm looking for the RFB, too, but haven't seen one offered for sale yet. KelTec's website says, "The release of the RFB Carbine is being delayed 30 to 60 days. Expect the first shipment by February of 2009."
I'm looking for the RFB, too, but haven't seen one offered for sale yet. KelTec's website says, "The release of the RFB Carbine is being delayed 30 to 60 days. Expect the first shipment by February of 2009."

They were released in March and a few have found some. The wholesalers are giving them to their high dollar dealers first so it may be a while before we see them. Our best bet will be at a gun show. So far the cost is around $1500 however, I expect it to go higher though.:angry:

EDIT: Somebody paid $2,925 for one on gunbroker.
Well, I refuse to pay above MSRP for a shooter. If I were looking for a commemerative or otherwise collectible, sure, but not for a shooter.

I guess I'll wait.
Ok Guys! I found a P-11 the other day at my local hunting supply store. $279.99! Pretty fair price I thought. My wife however did'nt want me to buy the thing. I went back the next day in protest. I walked straight to the counter that I previously saw the gun in. With intentions of saying, "SOLD"! Well as my luck would be, it was gone. Appearantly there was another sap out there whose wife did'nt mind!
Now I can't find one anywhere! Anyone know where I could get one?

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