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Recently got a P3AT. It's a beast of a gun, will surely do the job if needed. Carry this when not feasible to carry my G26/Don Hume IWB holster. Got a wallet-style pocket holster for the Kel Tec from, very nice, anyone else use 'em?

I have one too...I love it. I have a pocket holster and I got the bolt on clip for it as well. I use this whenever I just need a fast and easy gun to take with me and I dont feel like putting on my IWB holsters for my other carry guns.
I just traded mine for something I could use/rent in CCW classes, primarily due to ammo shortages in .380.

I loved (still do) the P3-AT, and will eventually get another one.

Ironically, right after I traded it away one of shops in Tucson got a whole boat-load of .380 ACP delivered. :fie:

P9's are pretty sweet too - and if I can ever find the single stack P9, I may opt for that too... we'll see.
I picked up a P380 a couple years ago to carry when concealing my Kimber couldn't meet the clothing requirements. The little pistol was super reliable - carried in a Hume pocket carry. I found myself just grabbing it more than the Kimber and was quite comfortable with it. Sold the Kimber. But I did later buy a SW Airlite 357 which has now replaced the P380. I guess there is some sort of evolution going on...
I had looked at the Kel-Tec and LCP, but will probably option for the S&W 642 as my BUG.

I currently carry a Kahr CW-45 as my warm weather CCW. It's very concealable and makes big holes.:biggrin:
I have 2 of them. One is in my pocket always.Even when I'm carrying something bigger --that KT is always there

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