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I think everyone on here has enough collective knowledge to convince me a Kel-Tec is worth getting. Here's my first question: Can you safely carry it with a round loaded in the chamber? That's the ONLY way I would carry a self-defense pistol. Here's my second question: As a backup/pocket pistol, it may likely only come out if my primary weapon is unable to be used. And in a fight, I guess that since this is a close quarter pistol (and not a range gun as has already been said), does everyone feel the .380 would be a better choice than the .32?


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I have the 3AT and have absolutely on problem with it. It is my backup gun and I carry it in my pocket with one in the pipe all the time. I do not fear this at all. But it is a close rang weapon. For a backup you cannot go wrong. As for the 380 it is a nice round, with a good HP it will have plenty of knock down power. I use the hydro shock in mine and it eats it up.

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I carry my P3AT daily as my BUG and in the Summer I carry it most of the time as my primary weapon. I have both the P32 and P3AT. I like the 380 over the 32 just because of the size. Some swear by the 32. Do a Google search on ballistics and read up on the two then make a decision. Bottom line ls. I trust my life with all my Kel-Tec's!


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Link Removed I really like my little p3at..granted it is not for down range shooting..this would be a close combat a back up, I think it does or will do what it is designed practice with it tho..being a little one pushing the round that it does, it does jump and if you have big hands like I do, it is tough to hang on to so practice with it often, if anything, to learn how to hang on to it.

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The P32 has a history of being the more reliable of the two when loaded with FMJ rounds. Niether has any real knockdown power; both will make someone real sick though if it came down to it. I carry a P32 with a CorBon JHP in the pipe and a mag-full of FMJs everywhere I is actually the only handgun I own that has never once failed to fire or cycle.

I am, however, likely going to replace my P32 with a S&W 442 very soon.


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I carry a Kel-Tec P-32 in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster.

It's size and lightweight allows me to carry it just about everywhere, especially when wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

.32ACP is better than a sharp stick and I rather have a gun, than no gun.
Remember the bigger and heavier it is, the more likely it will be left behind at home.


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I carry my P3AT in a holster that leaves a footprint that looks like a wallet in my back pocket. The trigger is well protected, so one in the pipe, is not apt to become one in my butt. I go with the .380 on the pretense that a .32 might just PO some BG, if I ever had to use it. But then again, my Kimber is stowed for easy access in my bug-out-bag.
later - Sam


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My p3at is the only pistol I own that has had a failure to feed. The first several rounds would FTF every few times. I took it apart and buffed the feed ramp. I have not had anymore issues with it. as Drlewell said it does jump a bit, but can easily be held on to. I feel perfectly safe with one in the pipe. It has a long, but smooth trigger pull. Just like carrying a revolver.


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With every trigger pull,the hammer has to go all the way back before it is released to fire.And the hammer is completely shrouded.So one in the chamber should not ever be a problem.


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My P3at is in my pocket everyday and has been for the last 2 years. The only time that it's not in condition 1 is when I'm cleaning it. I carry in a Mikes #3 or the DeSantis pocket holster. Sometimes it's a BUG and sometimes it's the only gun depending on different situations.
IMO--very safe to carry in Condition 1


I have the 3AT and have absolutely on problem with it. It is my backup gun and I carry it in my pocket with one in the pipe all the time. I do not fear this at all. But it is a close rang weapon. For a backup you cannot go wrong. As for the 380 it is a nice round, with a good HP it will have plenty of knock down power. I use the hydro shock in mine and it eats it up.



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P-32 fan

The P-3at does jump a bit. The P-32 I carry in a DeSantis Nemesis, (or on a rare occasion the installed Kel-tec pocket clip), has never misfired. The Nemesis sleeved P-32 fits perfectly in front or rear pants pockets, even jeans. I use quality ammo at the range and carry hydroshoks. The P-32 has been said to experience rim lock with HP's, but I have never had this happen. The simple solution is to carry hp in the pipe and on top of the stack, then all subsequent rounds are to be fmj ball. I don't bother with that. I think the situation could only occur with a partial mag receiving really rough treatment, like if you dropped the pistol and it bounced down some stairs. It is said you cannot beat the famed Kel-tec customer support, but I have never needed it in the 4 I own.
My daily ccw is a PF-9. Almost as invisible in a Nemesis in loose pants as the P-32. Will be getting a IWB from Stellar soon.
As for ballistics, I think you can check out the P-32 in jell tests at the box 'o truth site. I certainly would not want to be on the receiving end. Remember, this is a pistol for up close and personal, not a range nail driver.


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I carry my P3AT in my front pocket. You mention that this will be your backup weapon which is cool. But, nothing can beat a draw that comes from your pocket. BG walks towards you, you then just place your hand in your pocket and you are already half way there!

The P3AT is a nose, eye, and ear gun. Made for close up and dirty work. The way that I would use it is to use it first and if I have to, do a New York load (pull out your EDC weapon).
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It's a great gun, but expect to spend some time learning to hold it. It will beat your hands up to begin with until you figure out how to keep it from moving around too much.

Also, be aware that the magazine is quite short which can make loading interesting, at least with the UpLULA loader that I use. I keep a styrofoam ammo tray in my range bag just for the purpose of putting the mags on while loading.

I really like the matte olive green finish on the bottom, which helps it to stand out less in the dark (and a greater range of lighting) than even the parkerized black ones.

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Keltec is the worst made weapon there is IMHO. I had a p40 and it was horrible. It was so bad that I ended up going to their site and looking around. Their site basically told me that the gun wasnt finished and that i needed to buff certain areas of the gun.

I dont understand sending out a weapon that is unfinished.

The p40 was discontinued because of the problems with them.

It was the first (and last) gun that I have ever completely broken while cleaning.

I wish more criminals carried them.


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I carry a KT .32 with Silvertips and really like it, no problems. It's a great carry here in Texas in the summer, I wear cargo shorts and just drop it in my pocket..


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