Kel-Tec ... confidence level carrying loaded w/ no safety


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In reference to the KT clip carry mentioned above: I have a KT p32 with a clip. I never use the clip. I find it much too slow to access. My Desantis Nemesis is perfect for either front or rear pocket. For this reason, I did not opt for a clip on my PF-9. I use a IWB kydex from Stellar Rigs which is comfortable and quick, light and convenient. It is easy to put on in the morning, and it has very good retention of gun and holster. In any case, with one in the pipe, a trigger cover is advisable.


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I've been carrying a P32 for some time. No ADs at all. It is a small, light weight gun for summer. I beleive that the 380 version does not have a slide lock on last shot like the 32. I like this feature and that is why I stayed with the P32. Good luck on finding the rigth firearm.


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I'd like to modify what I added above months ago. I have recently developed a new respect for the kel-tec clip I maligned. In shorts and jeans, it works very well as a front pocket clip as long as you force it to the rear so some of the butt hangs out. Not concealed, but very accessible seated or driving. And you can always drop it in the pocket at the rest stop. So, now I am ordering the clip for the pf-9.


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The trigger pull on the P3AT is 5 lbs. I think its a good mix between the long travel and trigger pull. I shoot another 50 rounds through mine today and it has a long but very smooth trigger.

One thing to remember with the Kel tec is the trigger has 2 reset points. You actually feel two clicks before its ready to fire again. The first flick resets the disconnect and the second resets the DA trigger pull. If you pull the trigger, after the first click but before the second it'll actually drop the hammer from a half cocked position. This causes a light strikes and a misfire. Other then that I really like mine.

Kel Tec has updated their hammer block. If ya call them they will send you a new one, it allows you to reset by just letting the trigger go back forward,no need to pull the slide back. This is a new advancement the LCP (little copied pistol ) don't have.


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24 /7 32 goes with me every where. It is my 2nd wallet and one in the pipe is OK. 9mm p11 is also close at hand when out then my kimber gets to come .Its funny that taurus is saying that it is giving second strike to some of their guns .Kel Tel has had it for years.:rap:

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