Kathleen "commie" Kane destroying reciprocity


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Time to hammer congress about her anti-gun position and the undoing of reciprocity agreements. She needs removed from office.

Action needed. Click on link at bottom and you'll be directed to a pre-written letter asking support of HB2398.

Action needed: Pennsylvania attorney general rescinding reciprocity agreements | Buckeye Firearms Association

Bill Information - House Bill 2398; Regular Session 2013-2014 - PA General Assembly


Illinois-Style Gun Control Heading For Pennsylvania — Get Ready For ‘Firearm Eligibility License’ And Other Junk Heading Your Way! | Concealed Nation

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — A little known bill has reached the Senate Judiciary Committee of Pennsylvania legislature. Nestled within its insidious pages are provisions that would greatly restrict and infringe the gun rights of every Pennsylvania resident. Senate Bill 1029 was first introduced by Senators Art Haywood and Vincent Hughes on October 9, 2015 and quickly passed to the judiciary committee without so much as a peep from the other senators.

What’s in SB 1029? We’ve included a link to the full text of the bill here. Read it for yourself but it looks like a major shift into New Jersey-style firearms restrictions that up to this point had not affected most Pennsylvanians. SB 1029 looks like it intends to amend the ability to gain access to training, firearms, and even a concealed carry permit.

Let’s start off with the new ‘Firearm Eligibility License’… It’s meant as one of many additional amendments to Section 1. Section 6102 of Title 18 of Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes. It reads:

“Firearm eligibility license.” A license issued by the commissioner that authorizes a person to purchase, possess, control or use a firearm.

blah, blah, blah


Grow a pair and put your "self appointed royals" out in the street.

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