Kansas and West Virginia once again recognize nonresident permits -- maps need update


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I am new to this site, and I wonder if somebody could instruct me on how to submit a suggestion to whoever maintains the reciprocity maps.

Right now, the following sentence appears over the maps: "Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina & West Virginia only honor permits from residents of the issuing states."

That statement is outdated and inaccurate as applied to Kansas and West Virginia.

The Kansas law always required that a Kansas resident obtain a Kansas permit to carry concealed. But with respect to out-of-state permits, the Kansas law clearly says that if the state attorney general finds that a state has issuance standards equal to or greater than Kansas standards, then any permit "issued by" that state is valid in Kansas. The refusal to recognize nonresident permits issued by "approved" states was a decision by former Attorney General Paul Morrison that lacked any support in the statute -- and, in fact, clearly contradicted the plain statutory language. Morrison later became embroiled in a scandal and resigned in disgrace. His successor, Steve Six, on July 1, 2009, issued a statement restoring recognition to nonresident permits issued by "approved" states. General Six's release said in part, "States which will be affected by this determination include: Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersy, South Carolina, and Texas. Non-resident CCH licenses or permits issued by any of these seven (7) states will be recognized in the state of Kansas so long as the license or permit holder is not a resident of Kansas."

As to West Virginia: In 2007, the West Virginia legislature enacted a bill that made numerous changes to its concealed carry law. While many aspects of the bill were positive, the reciprocity language unfortunately excluded recognition of nonresident permits issued by reciprocal states. However, that has now been corrected by enactment of H.R. 3314, which took effect on July 11, 2009. Under the new law, once the West Virginia attorney general has established reciprocity with another state, all permits issued by the reciprocal state are equally valid, so long as the permit holder is not himself a West Virginia resident and is over age 21. Thus, nonresident permits issued by Virginia, for example, are once again recognized in West Virginia.

IMHO, SC needs to follow this lead. There is no reason that the State of SC should restrict a person from HI from carrying in SC because their permit is from FL instead of having the one carry permit that is issued by HI. This same logic applies to other states that do not typically issue permits like NY, NJ, IL, WI and some parts of CA. If someone is issued a permit that meets SC's training and background check standards, that permit should be honored in SC.

It's kind of funny...FL is one of states with the highest number of non-resident permits issued...and yet they themselves do not honor non-res permits....?

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