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My father-in-law has a Kahr PM9 that he asked me to check out because the mag release doesn't drop the mag out the bottom if it's empty - you have to pull it out. He's using the factory mags. I have to put 4 rounds in the mag before there's enough weight for the mag to drop. The mag release seems to have full travel when depressed and fully clears the detent in the mag. The mag feels like a snug fit when inserted.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?


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Is it with any magazine or just one (have you tried multiple mags)? If the release has full travel it sounds like there is a tight spot in there that is causing drag on the magazine. It could either be a swell in the mag itself or a tight spot in the mag well. Try taking the slide off, putting an unloaded mag in the frame and look for anywhere that could cause drag.


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It is a frequent problem with many Kahr owners; happened to all 4 of mine and here's how I fixed it: Scrub the inside of the magwell, particularly around both sides of the mag release assembly with a dry brush. Then use a good paste floor/car wax on the mags themselves. You may wish to use a solvent rather than a dry brush, but I suggest you then use some compressed air to dry things out inside the magwell.

KahrTalk Forums will be resource for all things Kahr, and I recall a recent thread there which involved some minor surgery on the mags using a table vise and micrometer to fix the stuck mag issue but, for me, the wax and cleaning works just fine.


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Thanks for the reply guys.

SC Tiger, the problem occurs with multiple magazines.

CPO15, after further research the polymer frame is visibly warped inward on the left side. I was able to realign the slide on the frame enough that the mags drop out freely with the slide forward. However, they wont drop with the slide locked back (i.e. last round - empty mag). Also, it takes two hands to depress the slide-lock release.

My father-in-law got the gun used in a trade and I don't know how old it is. He has put less than a box of rounds through the gun so I think he probably traded for a bad gun. Kahr warranty specifies original owner, within 5 years of purchase, and must have purchase receipt. I guess I'll have to find a local gunsmith - warped polymer is beyond my capabilities.

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