kahr cm9= obsolete glock 26?


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First off that's a question not a statement please glock fans do not attack! I went to the good ol gun store today, like most days its not complete without drooling over a pistol. Anyway I'm planning on getting the cm9 at the end of the month but as I was looking around I saw the 26 and took a closer look and thought, I deserve a glock! Everyone does! But then I noticed that, aside from a few more round mag capacity the kahr seemed superior? The extra capacity is a negative in my book anyway considering its double stack. I know glock is amazing and top quality, yet so is kahr, and being able to get the cm9 at the low price of 420 I'm thinking maybe its time glock dropped the price? Can anyone who's shot both weigh in? I may be in way left field so please no criticism, I'm new(ish) to handguns and it was just my observation.


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I own a cw45 and I haven't shot a glock but before you put the Kahr ahead of the glock look at some of the features, Glock has glock safe system of some type that makes them very safe your kahr has no saftey, the Kahr is inexspensive because of bare bones features. I do love my Kahr and am very happy with it, again I am not that familiiar with the glock 26


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I love everthing about my Glock 26... except the thickness of the double stack mag. It is a tack driver.


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If concealability is the key and primary issue, Kahr. I have a PM9 and LOVE it, but it will never be the "tack driver" that any of my Glocks will be. I did buy a Kahr CW9 and sold it to a gunsmith as even after the 200 rnd break in it had feeding issues with any of the 4 mags i had. Soooo, got a CW40 seeing as how I'm a .40 kinda guy anyway, and it also was garbage. Soooo, my PM9 has never even hiccup'd. Not once. Soooo (don't ya hate that?) I'd say PM9 for concealability, although it's mucho clams for cost, unless you have sprayed on clothes in which case an LCP is the ticket. Otherwise, if you can hide a small brick, get a glock. IMHO, stay away from the cheap Kahrs.

Soooo, it matters not what gun you plan on carrying and hopefully not needing as long as you can trust it... After all, "any (reliable) gun will do if YOU will do".


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Looks like a nice carry firearm (the Kahr PM9). I am just so used to and comfortable with the Glock system, I can't see changing. Recommend people shooting both and with most things its personal preference.


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Thanks for the responses, they were kinda what I figured id get. I came to the sad realization that I can't pocket carry any of the nines since I wear jeans, the pockets just aren't deep enough. I'll most likely end up with a iwb which is why I added the glock to my mix and the kahr is thinner, yet I'm a bigger guy and think since I'm packing that way anyway the extra rounds plus a little less recoil would be a welcome addition

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