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Hi, been thinking about purchasing a Kahr CW series in a 9 or .40. Don't know a lot about them, but have heard pretty good things. Don't want to spend the money on the PM series, don't need the fancy extras. Just wanted know what other people think about them, good or bad. Thanks.

bought a cw9 last year & gave it to my cousin for his first carry gun. he loves it. i have shot kahr products extensivly since they went into business, still have my k9, i bought it about 1992 or so. runs very well. excellent weapon for the money i m h o.
Rent them at a range that allows that. Or, sometimes when you go to a range, someone there has something you are interested in, and will allow you to shoot a couple of rounds with it- rather than gamble on a purchase. That's how I decided on my Kahr. I didn't like the .40 cal- too "snappy". I liked the 9mm, though, and I bought the .45. Get a slip-on grip cover for the range, though. They have aggressive checkering on the grip.
I carry my CW9 everyday for deep concealment. I love it. It is the perfect size and weight for concealed carry. It shoots great and is the perfect size for my bear hands. My only gripe is that the grip is pretty rough so I use a hogue like grip for it, aka a bicycle tube :)
I hear a lot of great things about Kahrs. I tried 2 of them, and they were both jam-a-matics, now I spend a lot of time with Glocks. I like a gun that goes BANG all of the time.
I just bought a new cm9. I have a glock 22 and always wanted a single stack 9mm from glock for concealing.

Let's just say I am not too impressed with it so far. The gun itself is great in size and weight and the recoil is very little. However, after putting about 120 rounds through it last night it probably had 15 jams where the slide locked back and would not release unless I bumped the rear of the slide with my palm. Very frustrating and not what I like to see in a personal defense weapon. Kahr recommends at least a 250 round break in before returning the gun for warranty work.

I plan to continue with the break in in the next week and will post more info as I get it.
Thanks KABOOKIE be interested to hear how it does after break in period. Doesn't sound good so far.
Kahr jams

In the manual, it specifically states that there is a break-in period. This is partly because the spring is very tight when the gun is new. I had the same problem and was unhappy until a guy at the range told me about that and to go re-read the manual carefully (his tone of voice bothered me a little). I went to read the manual, which was in my bag- sure enough....

Q. What is the "break in" period for my new gun?

A. Kahr recommends a minimum of 200 rounds.
Check out this link:
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Mine took about 300-350 rounds until it broke in. It was a pain in the ***, but since then, I really like mine...all 3 of them. Just be patient and don't throw in the towel yet.
You will eventually notice a little "kick"- recoil- as the gun breaks in. This is normal with a poly frame. You will get used to it.
I hope this helps.
My PM9 (black coated SS) is priceless to me. Concealable (most days) and very dependable and freaky accurate for such a small gun, and is built to eat +p all day. The POS CWS models however, .40 and 9mm, that I tried. YES each continued to have feeding issues AFTER the 200 rnd break in.

It's understood that Kahr is a top notch manufacturer, but 33.3% success rate is not enough for me to not get another unless I wanted another PM9 or a higher end/larger model NOT made in pursuit of reduced price.
I own a CM 9. It is by far my favorite carry gun ! I'm always armed and I carry it 90% of the time and my Glock 21 the rest of the time. Over a thousand rounds down range and never a single ftf or fte ! A friend of mine also carries the Pm 9 and he's never had an issue either. Just remember every batch has a bad egg or two in it. Good luck !
I have a cw.40 I carry every day I have NEVER had a ftf or fte it was very stiff when new I have around 500 rounds through mine goes bang every time, guns are like anything else you can get a lemon from time to time I had a Sig that I bought brand new that I couldn't get through a full magazine without it failing overall I think kahr makes a good product just my 2cents
Kabookie- just keep beating the crap out of it...

Keep using it- I put a few +p through mine to help beat the crap out of it. I had a lot of type II malfunctions (stove-pipes)during the first 150-200 rds. Remember; tap/rack/re-assess? I had to do that with a LOT of rounds at first....then it smoothed out ok.
How to Clear Handgun Misfires and Malfunctions | Defensive Handgun Training
Check out some of the other blogs on Kahr problems. If, after 250 rds, you still have issues, send it back to Kahr. I hear that their customer service is very good. Just don't give up immediately- that's a lot of money to toss away.

For those who praise Glocks, I can't agree more. I have 7 Glocks, and never a jam. Ok, I once had issues with some poorly reloaded 9mm ammo- never bought that cheap reloaded junk again. However, they usually shoot fine right out of the box. I also have a couple of Springfield XDs (full-size and compact .45s)- never had a jam. My Sig Sauer; a couple of jams out of the first 250 rds, but even that is unusual. Taurus; nothing but trouble (sorry Taurus lovers). Kel-Tecs (three of them); never had trouble. Had a cheap 1911 some years ago, with a three-inch barrel; nothing but trouble. Spend some money and get a good one. Ruger LCPs- very reliable, but hard on the wrist. They pack a moderate punch into a gun that weighs as little as some candy bars! Beretta M-9; You are better off with a 1911, Springfield XD, or a Glock. Sorry Beretta lovers- I watched an M-92 come apart in a guy's hand. The pin that holds the whole thing together sheared off during blowback and the slide flew backwards past his face. No injuries, thank God!
I hope I haven't ticked off too many people and my info helps. I'm just passing on my own experiences and opinions.
Well, I put another 100 rounds through it this afternoon and counted 32 jams at the full rear position with anothe 5-8 where the slide locked back and after a 1/2 second returned on its own. Also had one "nose dive" from a 7 round magazine.

Sorry guys but this thing is a lemon. I'll be calling Kahr customer service first thing Monday to return it for repair or a replacement. Can't say I would recommend a Kahr CM series to anyone looking for a good reliable self defense gun.
I carry a cw40 everyday, and have now for almost a year, shot probably around 2000 rounds through it without a single malfunction. Also fits any 1911 holster so it's super convienent for me, and conceals like a dream, I literally forget I'm wearing it.
There is a spring that you have to be very careful with when you field strip a Kahr, that goes over the slide lockand any mistake or damage to that spring will cause you big problems, and it happens to many Kahn owners who don't Read the manual carefully before takedown of there kahr. Of cording to kahr they get a lot of pistols sent in for issues including FTf and most of the time it's due to damage to that spring.

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