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I love Kahrs and glocks. Carry both. But I love the long smooth pull of the kahr trigger more than anything. If I could put a kahr trigger in a Glock I personally would be very happy. My question is, is there a third party trigger that would be close to a kahr trigger I could put in my glocks?

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Ghost Triggers
I have three Glocks, use them in every one.

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Is that trigger similar to a Kahrs long smooth double action like trigger, or is it just a nicer Glock striker fire design? I own both and also like the Kahr trigger better, but I cannot believe someone came out with an aftermarket trigger for a Glock that feels like a Kahr! That would be incredible!

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I don't really know as I had no personal experience with this but I highly doubt you're going to find a trigger like that for a Glock. I might be wrong though I guess we will wait for further input.

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Love the Kahr trigger and the Beretta Nano and APX Carry trigger. Striker fired DAO. Both have very smooth, controlled, deliberate action. My Nano recently just passed the 10,000 mark. Ended up buying two more and a Second Kahr.

The Nano and APX Carry were built around the 40.cal. Break them down and can see the very Robust build. They have a very low recoil rate and very little muzzle flip. Easy to shoot all day long if you wanted. Handles Plus P better than many shoot standard. New APX grip is interchagable with the Nano and mags function perfectly. Modular design, easy to change grips. Very few parts (43) and easy to work on.

Beretta Nano with Apx Carry Grip and Standard Nano


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