Ka-bar for your hand gun.

I've seen them before. I guess it would come in handy if you ran out of ammo. Definitely a conversation piece though!

I may have to order one...:biggrin:
Proving once again, that you can actually bring a gun to a knife fight.

I think the big question really is... why?
And you thought you were having trouble finding a holster for your pistol with a Tac. light....
Ka-bar came out with a Bayonet for your handgun :haha::lol::sarcastic::laugh:

Does it come with a "Safety Bullet" too??? :sarcastic::dance3::lol::laugh::sarcastic:
Pretty silly. But seriously, does that make it an AOW like adding a foregrip would?

I guess you mount it to a FF quadrail if you had no FSB. But who would want one other than for a novelty anyway?
Might have a hard time with that one in court....

"well your honor, I shot him 7 times and he just wouldnt go down! So, since I was out of ammo, I bayoneted him."

"You what? I thought you said you used a pistol......"

"I did. I have a bayonet on my pistol. Doesnt everyone?"
About 200 years ago they made one called the Elgin cutlass pistol. Updated version, I still don't think it would be too useful.

Ka-Bar for your handgun

About 200 years ago they came up with something like this. It was called the Elgin cutlass pistol. A mean looking, but probably not too useful combination.


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