Justices appear skeptical over gun ban


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Let's keep our fingers crossed. While the correct outcome is obvious to us, you never know. This could be really bad if it does not go our way. It does seem to be looking good though.

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it's actually kind of funny. how can the 2a be more clear? the right of the PEOPLE!!! now let's see... who are "people"?


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I doubt they're going to issue any kind of wide-ranging decision that answers all sorts of questions. They'll probably keep it very narrowly tailored to this specific situation, and include some language that alludes to the sort of cases they'd like to see in the future. SCOTUS generally does that to give lawyers and activists an idea of what they might be able to bring.

Usually with constitutional issues like this, there's a few initial cases that sets the framework, and then they might issue a bigger decision later on that applies more generally. If either side is expecting a decisive win out of this, there's going to be a lot of disappointed people.


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I remember another

obvious outcome. That was the first Evander Holyfield vs Lenex Louis fight in 1999. I am however cautiously optimistic. After it's over, I really hope they release the transcripts, or if it is recorded, the recordings of the justices as they deliberate.


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The positive

I liked what the justices said about the right of the peple. That is us the bubbas. Not us the militia or us the cops. Nor is it us the gummint.


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I liked what the justices said about the right of the peple. That is us the bubbas. Not us the militia or us the cops. Nor is it us the gummint.

yes just how the 2A is written.. the right of the people... how can that mean anything else than what it says?? do these idiots have poor english skills?


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I listened/watched to the oral arguments and media spin control after the arguments on C-Span.

Have to say I'm optimistic. Most of the justices were inquring about various "what ifs" questions, most of them assuming that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right.

However, I was not pleased how Heller's lawyer, Gura, pretty much threw MG ownership under the bus.

So, I'm thinking it might go 5-4 towards individual rights but with "reasonable restrictions" being constitutional.

"Reasonable restrictions" would include such thing as firearm prohibition for felons, firearm registration, gun locks, "gun safe zones" (ie. schools), machinegun ban, etc.

Keep in mind, even if DC v Heller comes out a win for individual righs, it still a small step in a long road to get where we want to be.


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Transcipt of oral arguments

Attached are the transcipts. Some parts are hilarious and some parts worrisome. It's 110 pges long but worth :icon13:the read.


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