Just when you thought it was safe to see a movie in CA...


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a knife wielding maniac show up to ruin your day.

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Two men were stabbed Sunday while watching a horror movie at a California movie theater.

The men were injured around 7:30 p.m. at the AMC Fullerton Town 20 theater in Fullerton, Calif., while watching the thriller "The Signal," MyFOXLA.com reports.

Police said the individuals were sitting in different parts of the theater when they were attacked by an unknown assailant, the station reports.

"He started stabbing at the theater seat and then he stabbed the victim," Fullerton Police Lt. Tom Basham said. "As he fled, he stabbed another victim sitting near the exit."

Police were called to the theater after someone found a bag of what appeared to be illegal substances, MyFOXLA.com reports. When officers arrived, moviegoers — including the bloody stabbing victims — were running out of the theater.

Authorities believe the assailant was a white male, who bought a ticket to the theater but was later asked to leave.

"He somehow made his way back into the theater," Basham told MyFOXLA.com.

Sgt. Jason Schoen described the suspect as a heavyset white man with black hair in his late to mid 20s.

In "The Signal," a transmission invades cell phones, radios and TVs, turning people into killers.

The film was paused Sunday night while police investigated the incidents. When it was restarted, Basham said, the first scene was a stabbing.

No arrests have been made in the case, Schoen said Tuesday morning.

Any surprise that it happened at an AMC theater? When will people learn that a gun free zone is like a candy store for criminals?

It looks like CA needs to outlaw knives. Because you know those kind of laws solve all violence problems :(
idiot... well at least they can't say anything bad about guns with this one.. although I am sure they will find a way anyway.
I have not noticed any signs at the AMC in down town FT. Worth. But then again I really have not looked to hard either. The last time I was at a movie I thought what if some nut job came in here and starte killing people. Once that thought came to mind I started noticing everyone that came in and passed me. Things like the guy dressed like Al Copone with over coat and hat and the guy that looked like a head banger with spiked purple hair. I may have to start setting all the way back against the wall.
It's sad that these kinds of things have to happen. Reality is that there are BG everywhere. It's a matter of citizens being able to protect themselves. I rarely go to the movies due to various incidents that have happened over the years.

When I do go, I usually sit at the top row under the projector. I'm also very wary of the folks coming and going.

Gee... I'll bet AMC would have been more than just a little upset if one of the victims had turned around and shot that nut case! :hilarious:

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