Just took my FL FFL tonight....7 out of 10


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I had a fairly informative NRA instructor and the class was good. Although I've carried for years in VA, I wanted to get "up" on FL laws and just wanted to take some of my buddies with me too.

Now some bad news. I had a few guys in this class who were intent on "blowing someone away". It just seemed like every question they had was about how to legally kill another human. The instructor only encouraged this by not being clear that you're not actually supposed to go BG hunting with your CCW. I finally stated, blatantly, that the point was to find another means if possible. This seemed to draw alot of attention to me. One old guy who was barely physically able to hold himself up just kept going on about how to basically shoot someone over property or use a gun to avoid an ass whooping. I was disgusted. The youngest (assuming) kid in the class was all about shooting someone to avoid the ass whooping as well. When we took a break he went to seek my advice in how to "blow someone away" for kicking his ass and get away with it. I told him that hitting himself with the gun after the fact was not as good an idea as simply NOT SHOOTING. The kid actually said he would hit himself in the head with his own gun after he shot someone!!!


Anyway, they had packing.org listed on the board and I took an opportunity to plug the site by writing USACARRY.COM on the board and making an announcement that this is my go to site now. They seemed to like me and I saw pens hit paper when I told everyone about the site.

Maybe putting 8 out of 10 rounds through the X mark made me seem like I had at least some idea of what I was talking about. (BTW, I left the M&P in the car and used a rental Beretta PX4. I really liked shooting it and like I said, 8 of 10 hit the X.)

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Lots of stuff wrong with that class. I would let the NRA know the instructor's stance on "BG hunting". When I became a NRA instructor, the emphasis was on "safety", "safety", and "shooting is an absolute last resort". When I took the NV CFP class, the instructor (active LEO) emphasized that it's ok to exercise your rights and defend yourself if necessary, but it's a good idea to be absolutely sure that there were no options. At first I thought that the guy had serious "LEO syndrome", but after some deep thought and reading a lot of court cases and examining various case law, I understand what the instructor was saying. My stance now is basically "find another route" if possible, but when backed into a corner and there's no other option, then "shoot straight and neutralize the threat". When it's all over, call for assistance and don't talk to ANYONE without first getting checked out by medical personnel and having an attorney present.

Glad you were able to provide another point of view for the folks. Can't believe that the instructors didn't know that "packing.org" is no longer in existence. ;)

yeah that's pretty sad. it's not a game to go after the bad guys. it's a last resort. if they are so hell bent on shooting some one then that's not the right class to be in.
When I took my CHL class a few months ago I was surprised at the number of really stupid questions. One guy was an obvious criminal who was only taking the course at his lawyers advice to try to beat a gun charge. While the instructor did answer all of the questions about when it's legal to defend yourself, he did make it clear that it should always be a last resort, and even then to expect to go to court.

I do think he understated the responsibility of carrying a gun.
Disgusted would be the right term

for it from what you say. That article in the Ocala paper is an accurate prediction if that is happening around FL after the Castle Doctrine legislation.
My ccw class went fine there were some parts of it I thought they were just using up time, unfortunatly there are people you wonder about, there were acouple in my class but not as bad as you were talking about. like Scarecrow said it must be last resort. .HAS TO BE.
If you go looking for trouble it's easy to find. My instructor a retired Detroit LEO said seven percent of ccw holders loose their card and three percent find their self in jail for looking and finding the trouble.

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