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To those who serve Link Removed

The message is in the words.

'Thank A Soldier'
4:44 of an audio-visual tribute to those who do what I can not anymore.
Too patriotic for you? Well I cried more than a few tears when I saw the now confident and older face of a (once) 18 y/o young medic I trained at Ft. Carson, CO, in this U-Tube video (below) who looked like he's made some serious rank and is now leading men who look to him for guidance, when once you followed my squad leaders, so ambitious and SO very young. Stay safe SFC Vasquez, my God you have picked-up a chest full of medals and your 'hash-marks' put you as 15-18 years in & heading for retirement soon. GET THERE! The last time I saw you Mano you were just a gal-chasing, super-fit PFC, and a damn good medic I'd just put in for Specialist,:duim: now look how far you have come? I hope & pray you save lives as well as you did when that 'deuce & 1/2' flipped at Pinion Canyon that horribly gone wrong icy winter night. Please take only those lives you must to protect your casualty collection points. But that's what you are training your young-stud medics to do now ain't it?
YouTube - Thank A Soldier Good tune, meaningful words, IMHO written by someone who was there.
Very spooky when I see one 'my' medics years later and they don't even know I'm viewing them from so very far away.
'2/12 Mech Inf Medical Platoon: Lethal Warriors Bn!'

Canis-Lupus :duim:
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I didn 't know about the sign thing.I do thank soldiers when I see them.I just og right up to them and tell them I appreciate them serving our beloved country,for serving me.Crap,now I'm crying.What?!Leave me alone.I'm passionate,ok?!
I sincerely thank all who have served,and are now serving.You all have my undying gratitude.

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