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I don't know if they asked the right questions. The average was 18.1 and I scored a 21. They said I was slightly above average. OH WELL!! :biggrin:
Love it! One of these days I have got to learn that Photoshop thing.

NO Photoshop involved in that score. After the test, that was my score. If you want to show YOUR score like that, just do a screen shot capture and save it as a .jpg file.

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I just selected part of the screen when I was entering this answer and saved it as a .jpg and here it is. Doesn't take any smarts to do that, just highlight an area with the cursor, chose a name to save it as, and done.

You want a -0- score, then just DON'T answer ANY of the questions OR answer them ALL wrong like I did. To do that, you have to know the correct answers so you don't answer one of them correctly.

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IF you answer them all correctly, you can get a score of 30 since there are 30 questions. The 67.6% smarter than average is EXACTLY that. The AVERAGE score for all people is getting 17.9 of them CORRECT. The difference between 17.9 correct and 30 correct IS 67.6% difference.
IF the average were 20, then the difference would be only 50%. 50% of 20 is 10 and 10+20=30.

MAX score is getting them ALL correct: 30 of them.

Things like Brazil speaking Portuguese and Pakistani's speak Urdu throw people off, I am sure.

If your score is anything above -0-, then ... then ... who knows... who cares. ONLY the person taking the quiz!
There were three that I had no idea the answer. The two about beer. I don't drink so not surprising that I did not know those. The other was the question "Who sang the Black Parade"? No clue and don't care. Heck I still listen to Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and the Platters.
... Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and the Platters.

Yeah, I and my Buddy always ran Holly's. We we getting hungry and they said it would be Roy Or bison on the Platters. We took bison. We didn't think it would be as tough as ol' Roy would be.

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