Just achieved "Member" status...whew!


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I guess I don't get on enough to post as much as I would like but I finally reached "Member". We'll see how long it takes me to reach the mark for "Senior Member". I bet it will be a while.
I really like this site. There is a lot of thought provoking issues and some great information. Well, I better get back to work. Just took a short break to see what has been going on in the world of Conceal Carry.

Congratulations. It is truly a great site. We have a great bunch of members here and we are glad to have you as one. We also have a great leader in Luke. Before you know it you'll be a senior too
Yeah it takes a while to gain "status" among the worthy here. :D I do more reading than I do posting, I try to live by the one rule I have made for myself and that is, "Silence is the only substitue for brains" so I figure if I don't say much, many will think all I do is read or that I don't log in here more often...WHOOPS :eek: now my secret is out! Congrats on making Member Status! Post often!
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Yea, congrats. I am a newbe here but have read a good deal more than I have posted. The boss is out of town this week so I had a little extra time onn my hands. That ends in just a little while and things will be back to normal and posting/reading will be limited.

Just what my wife says!!

Heck, I'm so happy he made Member I'm going out and buying me a new firearm!;) Congrats!

When you said I should buy a new firearm, you did not sound sarcastic like my wife does. Yeah, I guess I like gleaning more from the other posts. My friend has a saying that I have been applying to my conversations lately:

"Mean what you say, say what you mean, but don't say it mean":)
I think new "members" are supposed to buy everyone a drink. Tell us what bar and we'll be there. Should only be a couple thousand of us. :eek:
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I'm kind of in the same mind set. I don't post unless I feel its worth contributing, and hopefully fresh. Read far more than I post, (heh, this counts as one :D). I think I tend to think that others are of greater knowledge, and there for in a better position to state their view/thoughts/opions. Still can't get my avitar to work though:mad:
If I post this do I hit "member" status too?

Hahaha! Had to be a post whore and try before bed.

Fingers crossed...............here goes..............
I don't drink when I am armed and I am armed 24-7 when all possible. It was a nice thought though....:D

I don't drink either. but I'll join you for the celebration a toast with a juice. besides.... some one's gotta be the designated shooter just in case, right?

You know,I didn't even realize it when I reached member status.Now I looked up and I am a senior member.
Thanks for giving me one more thing that makes me FEEL OLD!
Well,you youngsters just make sure you behave yourselves.
I think this one will make me a Senior Member ( no I'm not just trying to gain anything here). Well maybe on this post I am. ;)


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