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I was reading a thread posted by some guy that had the electronic lock on his gun safe fail to the point he had to do serious surgery it to get it open, basically he had to destroy it....

Now that started me to thinking I have a nice old fashioned dial combination on mine, but for all of you that went with the electronic locks that do not have a key bypass, here is the thought.....

Should there ever be an event in which a nuclear bomb was detonated the resulting EMP would likely wipe out every bit of electronics within 100 miles of the blast, there fore permanently frying your lock and sealing your guns inside the safe...
Now the question is do you have a plan B other than hack it open.

Now please let's not turn this into a discussion on how to break into safes, or how you are going to smash into yours, remember you will have no radio, TV, computer, INTERNET, or even electricity. But do you have a plan in place for this contingency?

I like the classic "dial" type safes. Electronic key pads are nice, but they're more prone to failure. My primary SD gun is locked in a safe protected by elecronic lock. The rest of the "stash" is either in the safe with the "classic" dial lock, or strategically stashed in a safe place.


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