just a thought about home security


God Bless Our Troops!!!
1. Get a Dog
2. Get an alarm
3. Keep loaded firearms handy
4. Train your family
5. Have a plan
6. Have a backup plan
7. Have a bugout plan
8. Have a contingency plan
9. Have lots of ammo
10. train train and train some more

prior planning prevents piss poor performance

+1. I am pretty well good to go on all of the suggestions with the addition of security bars and extra strong doors and locks. Our dog is old and sleeps so sound she would not be much help however.
One thing I would add, that I will have to admit I fail in sometimes, is do not let your car get below 1/2 a tank. If you have to bug out quickly for any reason you may not have time to fill up or if the emergency is really bad you might not find the stations open.
operating under the assumption that ya'll are taking the big SHTF scenario, if the use of an EMP is in use it wont make much difference if your car is 1/2 full or empty cause it aint goin nowhere. have any of you planned for that scenario........faraday case, mylar etc???? just wondering.:help:
I have thought about it but not really planned. I guess an older car without electronic ignition might be in order.

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