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I was wondering how many out there carry a Public Defender? I have never been a Taurus fan but I really like this weapon. I purchased the poly frame version and it has worked great for conceal carry and it's actually 2oz lighter fully loaded than my M&P 9. One of the other things I llke is the fact its like having a mini shotgun. If I really had to list a negative point that would be the recoil of course, but it is manageable.

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I dont have one but I have been thinking about getting a Judge. I like the idea of having the wider pattern when clearing the property each morning (coyotes) and dont want to carry the shotgun.


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I seriously considered getting one until I started reading what owners had to say about them. The prevailing theme was "fun gun at the range or shooting pumpkins out in the woods but not the best choice for self-defense". Serious issues with accuracy and projectile velocity.

I might still get on some day since I'm very much into "fun guns" but I don't think It'd be my first choice (or 2nd, or 3rd...) for protection.


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I agree about the velocity problem. Sure, a good belly gun, but I'd opt for higher capacity in a smaller platform. That's just me, my own lil' opinion.

A random thought: Could the Judge (or similar) compared to a shotgun be analogous to the LCP (380 mini handgun) being compared to a Glock, XDM, 1911 or M&P full size handguns?


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I have taken this one to the range and it was surprisingly accurate for a 2" barrel at 7 yards. I was able to keep all five shots of the 45LC within a 4" circle....not bad for me :wacko:. Of course the 000 buckshot (Federal handgun load) kicked like a mule but kept a pretty good pattern...they were all on a 12" target at 7 yards, again not bad for me. Then there is the Winchester PDX1...now that is a neat load; three 30 caliber "watch batteries" and 12 BB's.....If this don't mess the bad up I don't know what would. It amazed me how it kept the disk pattern at 1" apart from each other (again at 7 yards) and the BB's covered the rest. In close encounter situations I don't believe the PD would let you down...All in all I am pretty impressed.


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I have a Public Defender in stainless steel. I don't carry it on my person, but it makes a terrific anti car jacking gun or home defence gun. I have a holster that goes on the seat belt and can be positioned anywhere on my seat belt. I like the Federal 000 in 2.5 inch. they print 4 36 cal. slugs at about 10 yds. in a 8" circle. I found the recoil to be very manageable, similar to 45 acp.

I know this is a Taurus thread, but I just have to put a plug in for my favorite car gun and part time CCG. Introducing the Bond Arms Derringer. More compact, easier to carry, just as accurate and with proper accessories easy to handle. Only has 2 shots, but at < 24 inches and 8 36 cal. pellets, you should not need more.

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