Jennings Hanguns??


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I know nothing about them. But i got a guy trying to sell me a Jennings 9mm for 110? Something tells me i am getting shafted as i found on a forum that people picked them up new for 50 dollars? So i am thinking they are the Hipoint guns of the day back them? Any information would be great, Are they good guns? Good price on it or no? Please what i am DIEING FOR IS PHOTOS OF IT as i can find none. I need feedback asap as this is a time deal and if to much time goes by i will miss my shot.

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Jennings is a now defunct manufacturer because of the "throw away" gun lawsuits of a few years ago. Not the best handguns but probably not the worst either. $110 is high, wouldn't pay any more than about $75.
Actually I wouldn't pay $50 for one. The Jennings firearms were part of the " Ring of Fire" manufacturers of the so called Saturday night special firearms that operated in Los Angeles from the late 70's to the late 80's. They were made from what appeared to be Nickle plated Pot metal. They had a low melt temperature. In a lot of states it's illegal for a dealer to sell any of their weapons. They were a great selling item. In the mid 80's I had a gun shop and I sold hundreds of the Jennings J22 and the Raven 380 autos. I think I paid $25 for the J22 and $30 for the 380's. I still have one of each. I won't fire them they are just keepers. You can read the history here. Bryco Pistols, Jennings Pistols and Jiminez Pistols
Got rid of my Jennings and beretta when both 22's when I learned both should not fire stingers.:suicide:
I just searched and there are THOUSANDS of photos of them. This link shows a few hundred of them, I think.

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I'll stick with my HKs... If I pay $600 or $1,600 for an HK pistol, I know I'm getting a keeper.
LOL yeah. I found that out after reading up on them. they are not safe guns are all. I am going to take the 100 and use it to get things for my shotgun and M&P i am getting.

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