Jefferson County Permit Question


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Hey, everyone. I recently took a new job in Birmingham and my wife and I will be moving to Homewood soon from Virginia. Since Alabama doesn't have reciprocity with a Virginia concealed handgun permit I will need to apply for an Alabama permit when I get settled there. I was reviewing the application on the Jefferson County Sheriff's website and I noticed it requires three references which cannot be relatives. I have plenty of people who would be willing and I don't mind asking, but they all live here in Virginia and the application states cannot be "long distance." As someone who is new to Alabama I do not really know anyone locally, much less anyone I would feel comfortable asking to be my reference for my permit application. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I use people in VA? Has anyone else had this problem when moving to Jefferson County? Thanks for any guidance or help!

I am not familiar with differences in the counties. I came here from NH last winter and my app said my references in Madison county could be relatives and they could be from out of state so I used folks from where I retired in NH.

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