Janet Napolitano's Latest Revelation....

1911 Headbanger

Leave Me Alone!!!
Obama's Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano issued a statement yesterday, that there may actually be Muslim Extremists and other individuals that are sympathetic to Al-Qeada, HAMAS and other Muslim Terror groups right here in the U.S.:ph34r: They may even try to pull off terrorist attacks here. WHAT? You think so Janet? I thought we've known this for years, and you finally had this great revelation of the possiblity of Muslim Terrorists here? The last time you mentioned "Homegrown Terrorism", it was NRA Members, those Evil Tea-Party Goers and Militia members because they owned a gun and a Bible. I feel safe now that our "Homeland Security Director" is on top of things. Sheesh! :fie:

Insert the wanker emoticon for Janet Napolitano.

Thanks Janet, I wasn't really sure about those homegrown terrorist. :yu:
WOW! What a revelation! Muslim Terror Cells in the US???

This ignorant "Tea Bagger" is still clinging to his guns and his religion!
I wonder what her first clue was? It is comforting to know that we have from the top down some of the brightest people ruining or I mean running our country.
I don't know whether to be scared of this administration because it's full of socialists or idiots (or is that redundant?). :fie:
Aww come on everybody, our government knows what’s best for us and how to protect us. Right?? :sarcastic: :wacko:
I wasn't always crazy about the Bush administration, but at least HE surrounded himself with intelligent people, most of whom knew when to speak and when to shut up.

Can't say the same for the current Politburo.
Hey knock it off!!!!

IF You guys keep picking on Janet Reno's Ugly little sister and she'll grow up with a complex.

Seriously there are no terrorists in the USA they can't make it across the iron clad borders or past customs and immegration to get a student visa. They are all still holed up in a cave in Tora Bora

You guys need to watch more CNN to get it right...sheesh...you'd think you guys watch fox news or something
I wonder what her first clue was? It is comforting to know that we have from the top down some of the brightest people ruining or I mean running our country.

pretty much my thoughts. glad she told us. now I'll be careful for a change.....
When she was govenor, Arizona lawmakers passed a bill for concealed carry like Vermont and Alaska have. But she vetoed it. When it comes to closing the border she says "What border" She should have been promoted to ambassador to Antartica or something.
wake up washington

the current admin. want's to rave against t-baggers, the NRA, veterans, when the cia ought to look at wasington to find the real people who are a danger to this country. god ,guns and guts is what made this nation free!:angry:
I guess it's time to start being careful. Here I was thinking we were completely safe from anything and everything...:sarcastic:
When she squatted in the Governor's mansion in AZ many of the people I knew called her 'Janet No-No' -- or 'JNo':

I thought it was because she disliked everything a caring, sane person would support.

Now I'm beginning to suspect it was a reflection of her level of understanding.

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