Jan 23, 2013 PA Responsible Citizens Rally in Harrisburg


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Join Us At the Capitol In Harrisburg on Jan 23rd for the PA Responsible Citizens Rally!

Join your fellow Citizens in an outdoor gathering at the State Capitol Building, for a display of unity among the Law Abiding, Responsbile, and Legally Armed populace of this great state! This rally is to reinforce the fact that RESPONSIBLE and ORDINARY CITIZENS own and carry firearms, to dispel the myth that gun owners are bad people, and to show the solidarity and organization of pro-2A citizens who are opposed to hostile gun restrictions and laws.

"PA Responsible Citizens" is a true grass-roots association that is not affiliated with any national gun rights group. It is made up of ordinary people who are friends and neighbors, professionals and tradesmen, fathers and mothers who are bound together by our unshakeable belief in our Rights as found in the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

We must counter the illogical hysteria the press is mounting against us...WE MUST TAKE A STAND! For more information: Harrisburg 23JAN2013 - Part 2 - ACTION!!

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