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What type of loads do you carry in your + P rated J Frame?

Thank you

I like Corbon. I use them in most of my carry firearms. The Corbon DPX 110gn is an excellent round for a +P J frame.

Caliber :38 Special
Bullet Type :Barnes DPX
Bullet Weight :110 GR
Muzzle Energy :269 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity :1050 fps
'Bout any +P hollowpoint load will do the job.

I generally use Fed Hydashoks, or CorBon, or WW Silvertips, or - you get the idea.
i go for the 158grain +p loads thier better on your gun. i heard the high volocity low grain stuff wares out the face of your revolver if you shoot it alot. . those rounds are just to fast. i use the buffalo bore, and federal performance ammo. the federal performance is nice because it comes in 50 round boxes. not those 20 round boxes they sell for around 24 bucks .
doming83 - It seems to me the 158 Gr +P would be rather hard on the shooter, lota extra recoil in my opinion. Most J frames are rather light. :pleasantry:

I actually prefer and carry the CorBon DPX. Haven't had to use it for serious BG work, but every review I've seen of it is outstanding reliability for expansion and penetration. :biggrin:
My next best is the CorBon 110 +P,
next the Fed HydraShok. I must note, whenever an ammo is tested 38, 357, 9mm, etc. they always use the Fed HS as the comparison standard, makes me kinda wonder.

If i get beyond those, I guess I'll go to the ol' 12 Ga. :biggrin:
lol vn6869 a shotty is always a good choice. If i need to use a bug i want to use the biggest round i can even if it has a little more recoil. I've shot ovr 200 rounds of this load out of my 637, and it still has less recoil than a 357.
I always used to use Federal.. most recently the Fed Premium 125 gr. Nyclad HP and still do sometimes. But I really like Speer Gold Dot 135 gr. HP and I also like CorBon, though I don't have any of those in stock right now.
Hornady 125gr XTP/JHP in standard pressure. Accurate, consistent and I can put 5 shots fast in COM.

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