IWB/tuckable for H&K USPc 45?


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Greetings all,

I have posted this on another forum that has a H&K section, but I figure there are some H&K fans here as well! This may not be a proper introduction, but I figured I may as well dive in with a question.

I've owned an H&K USP Compact 45 for over a decade now and still absolutely love it; countless rounds and never a jam of mis-feed.

I am posting here since I am trying to find a nice IWB custom holster. It is my primary carry (95% of the time) and I have been using crappy holsters from Uncle Mike forever and really want to upgrade to something much more stable and comfortable. I have been looking at:

- K&D Thunderbird Defender (leading option so far, just have don't know much about them)
- Bulman Gunleather PDC (Not taking orders at the moment)
- Milt Sparks VM2 (Looks great but takes forever to get)
- High Noon Tailgate (worried about a smaller holster based on the size/weight of my pistol)
- H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks (No info really on them other than pictures at their site)
- Crossbreed Supertuck (Not wild about Kydex but I've heard nothing but good about them)

Looking for some suggestions. I'm looking for IWB that optimizes comfort and provides a more stable platform that the UM stuff I've been using and would prefer something that also allows deep-conceal/tuckable. Most of the time, this would be used with jeans (including shorts) or slacks with no over garment or coat and in warm weather (Southeast region) carried at the 4 o'clock position. I am looking for leather since I am not a big fan of Kydex- not ruling Kydex out completely but not my 1st choice.

Another related question- what H&K USPc pistols (if any) are the same frame/interchangeable when it comes to holsters? That is, would a holster listed for the USPc 9mm or .40 also work for the 45?





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Hard to beat the comfort of a Crossbreed Supertuck. Mine are horse hide and very comfy for all day wear, even in real hot weather. I wear mine "tucked" most of the time and the gun is virtually invisible.



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I have a Tucker Silent Thunder leather lined kydex tuckable IWB holster that works well for me. The leather lining eliminates the noise of drawing the weapon. The only weak point I have found is the mounting clip, which broke after about a year of use. That is probably why the clip is excluded from the lifetime warranty. Replacements are available from the company.


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I have seen a lot of folks talk about the Milt Sparks, but wondering who actually has one. I like the design, but I would prefer one that would double as an open carry option under a coat and not crazy about the wait time.

Anyone out there actually have any experience with the K&D Thunderbird Defender?



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