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I recently got my chcl, and am trying to figure out the holster situation. I carry a ruger lcr .357 with crimson trace grips. I have a Blackhawk nylon in the pants holster which will certainly get me through the winter, but I would prefer to reduce the bulge in my clothing before spring. I'm also very small (4'11" 90 lbs), so that's an extra challenge. I would prefer to avoid drastic wardrobe changes (usually jeans riding around hip area and relatively fitted t-shirt). However, I'm not willing to give up accessibility just to more easily accommodate my clothing, so none of that purse/ankle/bra stuff. Anyone know a good iwb option that will help to keep my gun closer to my body and/or lower?

Unfortunately, you will have to dress around a gun that size. You will always have some sort of bulge. My favorite for comfort is a pancake holster with my shirt untucked. It gets the grip high enough to hide it against my ribcage.
Here's a great suggestion. pjholster.com
This guy Paul makes all the holster per order. Seeing that you have a revolver with laser grips, he will make a wonderful IWB unit for you. I carry a S&W Shield 9mm and the IWB holster he made for me allow me to carry in my jeans with a simple T shirt over and you can't see a thing.
This is the lightest, smallest, easiest to carry holster and I use it all the time

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