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I'm looking for a comfortable IWB holster that I will use to carry daily for 14-16 hours. I've been using an Uncle Mikes with my Hk for a couple months but it wore pretty quickly and doesn't really feel secure anymore.

My question is what holsters would you IWB holster users recommend that wont abuse the finish too much when used extensively?

Reason I ask is because I have a good friend that began carrying at the same time I did with an xdm in an OWB Serpa holster and his gun looks like it's ancient compared to mine because of holster wear. I'd like to keep my guns looking like the investment I made into them.

Any ideas?

I use the Crossbreed SuperTuck to carry for approximately 18 hours a day (Sig P220 Carry .45). I can't say that it doesn't show some wear, but it is very minor.

The Crossbreed is very comfortable, tuckable, and definitely secure.
I have an XD service and carry with a crossbreed. Wonderful holster, very concealable. But I show some wear. Not ridiculous, but it's not a cabinet gun either. The CB has kydex for the gun mold. An all-leather IWB might be more forgiving on wear, but probably not as comfortable.
I use an all leather molded IWB holster for my XD-40 sub compact. I don't know it's there half the time. Very comfortable, in my opinion.
CrossBreed SuperTuck all the way.
SuperTucks fit both the gun and hip very well.
Good fit means less movement and less ware on the gun and hip.
Any of you crossbreed guys ever line the kydex with some kind of fabric to stop the wear?

I haven't tried it. The kydex is molded rather tight to the profile of the gun....not sure there would be room. And if there was, I think the fabric would wear real quick too.
+1 Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe for a Glock G-21. I carry for 14 to 18 hours a day. Very comfortable.
Any issues with crimson trace grips while using the Crossbreed? I'm thinking i'll get one for my Kimber first and see how I feel about it before I get one for my Hk too.
With all the CrossBreed Supertuck hype. I sure wish mine would get here, I ordered about two weeks ago.

Carry a Glock 19 and after about 4 hours my back is killing me. I hope the Supertuck and belt will help.

I will let you know.
I use a Galco "Summer Comfort" IWB about 18hrs a day and i'm carrying a Glock 17.

The holster is great, no back pain/other issues I hardly notice it. Yes, the glock prints a bit if you don't have a jacket but not so much that I HAVE to wear a jacket or other cover garment. The holster is premium steer hide, shows little wear and after its broken in it is FAST.
Any issues with crimson trace grips while using the Crossbreed? I'm thinking i'll get one for my Kimber first and see how I feel about it before I get one for my Hk too.
I've got the crimson grips on my kimber - no problems with fitment in my supertuck.
Hey guys I carry a Rossi 461 6 shoot revolver. For the life of me I cannot find a paddle holster that will fit this gun. Any suggestions?
The longest I carry is when I'm on vacation and drive long distances. Usually 16+ hours/day with my Glock 26. For long trips I use a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. For daily carry or short trips, I use a super cheap Uncle Mikes IWB with plastic clip. Its easy to remove and install in a few seconds unlike the MS VM2. The VM2 causes moderate finish wear and lint build up in the barrel since its open at the muzzle end (the UM is closed & soft and keeps the gun clean).
I carry my Taurus PT-145 or one of my Colt 1911's in the Link Removed every day. The only problem is that it's so comfortable, I forget that I'm carrying!

If the weather is cool, I usually wear a lightweight jacket instead of tucking my shirt over the gun; but here in Colorado, the weather changes so quickly, you could be cold in the morning and have to get into short-sleeves by noon - because it's so warm. It happens a lot!

More than once, I went home and took off my jacket, and later went out to pick up a snack or go to a store for something, and had my gun totally exposed! All I can say is that "thank God Colorado is also an "open carry state"" People who saw my gun thought nothing of it! No one ever got excited. It was a non-issue.

To make a long story short, check out Link Removed holsters. There is no leather against your body to make you sweat.

I will admit that I also have a Crossbreed Holster that I use in here in the cooler months. I love em both!
Ordered my Crossbread on 10-4-04 got it on 10-14-09. I am 6'2" 240 lbs and I have some of those luv handles but not too bad. Trying different cant combos and different areas. Are there any other heavier guys out there using one of these? I am carring a G19 and I have some discomfort in my side but not much . Will this get better?
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