IWB holster for smith and Wesson governor???


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I have been looking for about a month now (most likely in the wrong places) but I cannot find an iwb holster with a thumb break for my governor. If any of you carry this gun, your input would be appreciated.

Thank you

Though I'm not terribly familiar with the specific dimensions of each, I know that there are [intentional?] similarities between the Governor and the Taurus Judge. Have you tried going to a shop and seeing if a Judge holster will fit a Governor?
You could also try Mernickle Holster, call them and ask for a PS2 ref6 Thumb Break Holster

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I have one of these holsters for my S&W M&P40 and I like it, I'm not a IWB kind of guy, I can't really wear them comfortably.

The holster I daily carry is a Hign Noon Sky High

Sky High

And one of their Rock Steady Belts. It is the most comfortable carrying system I have ever worn.
OK, here's one more, I have an old Ted Blocker holster that I uses't to carry, they make a nice holster also. Again call them and ask for one, here's their link:

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Good Luck
Thanks guys!!!
These are all good suggestions. I have found some and will hit them up hopefully in a few days when I free up from school work.

I have sent emails to cobragunskins in fl and I found a site ccwsupply.biz an have yet to hear from them back... Guess its about time for a phone call.

To give some more info, I'm looking to carry basically in the 6 o clock position since I feel I do not have much places to hide it since I'm 6'2 and weighing 190ish .
To keep you guys posted I ended up buying a iwb from ted blocker for everyday and found that maxpedition is coming out with a pouch like holster ( jk-1&2 ) which is great for attaching to backpacks

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