iwb holster for Bersa thunder .380


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My wife has a Bersa thunder that she carries in her purse but she wants a iwb appendix holster I can't seem to find any can someone help me?

No I was afraid it would be too thick and just wanted to try out the basic holster. It seems to be well made without any unfinished edges. It is tuckable, but if you don't get the comfort pad then just wear a t-shirt underneath because those metal rivets are cold in the winter. I have been wearing it IWB untucked with a coat or sweater for cover. It tends to slip towards the small of my back when driving so I repositioned it behind my right hip at about 3:30 where there is a belt loop to stop it from moving. I got the black on black, but they make a ton of colors.

Does your wife have the standard Thunder 380 or the smaller 380CC?
Get her gun out of her purse & on her person , the sooner the better. The purse is the 1st thing the low-lifes go for.
Old school I know that's what I told her that and that's why we are looking for a good holster she has a uncle mikes that she is using now but she wants something more comfortable

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